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<AliceTensei> Pounding dubstep would be a good name for a bad band.
<SpruceZeus> or a sex act
<RocketDude> ...Dammit, Zudak, now I'm imagining porn with Dubstep as porn music
<RocketDude> And now I'm imagining an MLG montage parody using porn
<SpruceZeus> well there is that one katawa shoujo video
<SpruceZeus> 360 NOSCOPE CUMSHOT and so on


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<Zudak> blamspam: I literally didn't know it was Easter until Sunshine Werewolf said something about chocolate rabbits
<blamspam> You GODLESS HEATHEN!
* blamspam sends you a delicious chocolate Jesus
<Rotty> Take, eat. This is his body.


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<zeroplusalpha> yes, but I think that's the joke. There aren't any "hyperbass flautists", so looking for a student is somewhat counterproductive.
<SpruceZeus> i read "flatulists"
<SpruceZeus> >_<
<zeroplusalpha> Hyperbass flatulists would be awesome. And not really sound all that different.
<Nitya> ._.
<KatawaSolstace> .____________.


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<Barcode> black junk shooter
<Charlatan> SHOT IN THE JUNK
<SpruceZeus> c/` and you're to blame c/`


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<Zudak> @translate english: eat shit and die german:
<Omnipresence> Zudak: Google translation from German (auto-detected) to English: english: eat shit and the German:


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<Fiora> ... also, I actually ordered myself a soul gem, so like, um, yeah.
<ponicalica> are you going to cosplay as homuhomu
<Fiora> No... I just wanted one because it was pretty!
<Fiora> I'm not... lkajlskjl
<Fiora> I can't win
<SpruceZeus> Fiora is a master of the Nordic tongues
<SpruceZeus> Lkåjskjl!
<Fiora> ._.
<jseblan> Fus Fiora Da?
<SpruceZeus> It makes everyone in a certain radius suddenly get rotten teeth and suffer heart attacks and nosebleed


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<SpruceZeus> This is the greatest pig-tossing, photo-taking, and letter-sending simulator i have ever played


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<SpruceZeus> Fa so ti la do.
<SpruceZeus> Or whatever order those are supposed to go in
<Buttercupistiny> la ti, mimudakki
<RocketDude> Ah, I thought so, wasn't sure what the "mimudakki" was, since I don't think I was taught that in Music Theory.


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<SpruceZeus> the road to cockhalla is long and hard, because one must first endure Wangnarok


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<Solstace> .decide pokemon | Skyrim
<jseblan> Solstace: if only we could mix both
<Solstace> Alduin and Charizard held each other in a lover's embrace.....
<jseblan> :|
<Solstace> "Shout for me," Charizard said.
<SpruceZeus|Terraria> It was super effective