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<GuitarBizarre> Congratulations #yackfest, I think we've managed to break english!
<IllFlower> That would be only the latest in a long string of linguistic casualties in this channel...
<IllFlower> Japanese's eviscerated corpse is still sitting on the windowsill, see?


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<Alkthash> Onii-chan is not a synonym for friend though Nova. It is moonspeak for "Hello sibling, shall we commence with the incestual pandering?"


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[discussing how the German "Laden" means "shop"]
<Saladofstones> Osama Bin-Shopping Center
<Saladofstones> always having a blowout sale


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<GMH> anyone here speak russian?
<JBridge> Nein.
<AttObl> Iie.
<JetstreamJuan> no
<JetstreamJuan> that's spanish for no


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<Jack> look
<Jack> fuck you and you're spelling
<Jack> I'm just going to come up with my own loanguage
<Jack> it will be like english
<Jack> but it will be spelled however if ukcing please


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<Noimporta> German: The language in which everything sounds like a machine gun's name.


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<Fiora> ... also, I actually ordered myself a soul gem, so like, um, yeah.
<ponicalica> are you going to cosplay as homuhomu
<Fiora> No... I just wanted one because it was pretty!
<Fiora> I'm not... lkajlskjl
<Fiora> I can't win
<SpruceZeus> Fiora is a master of the Nordic tongues
<SpruceZeus> Lkåjskjl!
<Fiora> ._.
<jseblan> Fus Fiora Da?
<SpruceZeus> It makes everyone in a certain radius suddenly get rotten teeth and suffer heart attacks and nosebleed


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<Nitya> Probably not, no, since I don't have a hot girlfriend to lez out w- no, okay, that is a disgusting word.