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<IllFlower> Ha, so IE-tan apparently has a name - Inori Aizawa.
<ponicalica> the real question is: how long until Mozilla, Google, and Apple make their own?
<IllFlower> I'm imagining Jony Ive sitting down for one of those five-minute videos, except about a moe anthropomorphisation.
<IllFlower> "We removed all unnecessary lines, emphasising the core features of iTan that appeal to audiences." "Her boobs, right?" "Yes, yes."


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<ponicalica> (dunno why though.  I'm a butt.)
<Fiora> if you are a butt, you are like, the cutest butt ever.
<SpruceZeus> Hear that? Fiora likes your butt.
<buttercupistiny> he's definitely a butt.
<ponicalica> suuuuuuure it's not
<Fiora> I haven't even seen his butt ~_~  nor do I particularly care about butts
<SpruceZeus> Do it Fiora. Touch the butt.
* Fiora slaps SpruceZeus across the face
<Fiora> there, I touched a butt
<buttercupistiny> ahahahahahaha
* ponicalica hifives Fiora


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<Iverum> You know. I bet aliens would watch porn and laugh their non-anthrocentric asses off.
<Iverum> «Is he rubbing his reproductive organs on her face? Why would you do that? It's terribly inefficient for reproduction. No wonder this species can't get past the moon.»
<Barcode> you think aliens wouldn't horribly abuse their reproductive organs?
<MisterJuantastic> Our civilization will be known across the universe as one where being a plumber means being a three legged handsome thirty year old
<ponicalica> I thought being a plumber meant jumping on turtles
<MisterJuantastic> well, games lied to you. Porn's preaching the truth, brutha


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<Saladofstones> its cool things got delayed since I had to help my brother get props for his movie
<Saladofstones> evidently its about some guy with an ak-47 and a gas mask
<Barcodrawing> Most movies are.
<Alicia> Even Ponyo?
<ponicalica> secretly, yes


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[swapping Nintendo friend codes]
<jseblan> xxxx-xxxx-6699
<Alicia> Best last four digits.
<ponicalica> better than 6969?
<ponicalica> 6969 has *two* happy couples
<jseblan> yeah or you could consider that 6699 is an actual foursome while 6969 they're just each doing their own thing


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<IllFlower> I didn't know Hikari carried handcuffs on her.
<IllFlower> She must be into some kinky stuff.
<Alicia> Oh my God, IllFlower.
<Alicia> You have to be prepared, man.
<IllFlower> Because opportunities for bondage could come at any moment. Got it.
<Alicia> NOOOO.
<Alicia> They're... magical.
<Alicia> >:C
<ponicalica> Magical bondage.  Got it.
<Alicia> OH GOD DAMN IT.
<Alicia> Who cares as long as they're under control.
<Alicia> Wait. Damn it.
* Alicia just shuts up now.


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*** StarGirl00 entered the room
<Noimporta> Welcome back, yet again, StarGirl00
<ponicalica> hey StarGirl00 
<ponicalica> how are you?
<StarGirl00> Good
<ponicalica> I wonder if I said "how are your evil world domination plans going?" would she respond with "Good"?
<Noimporta> Well, I wouldn't be surprised if she was actually doing that, you know, Beware the Quiet Ones
<ponicalica> on the other hand, I'm not sure StarGirl00 wants world domination.  I think she'd just be happy with Shinji/Kaworu


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<Chadrahan> Maybe we could find some way to evacuate the atmosphere from orbit, so as to asphyxiate the angels.
<Barcode> Do they breathe?
<Barcode> I suppose so.
<Wilhelm> considering orbital Angels
<Wilhelm> I'm not sure that'd work
<Chadrahan> One way to find out.
<Barcode> orbital angels —> And use the oxygen to pump up and blow up the orbital Angels. A la dig dug
<Barcode> the air*
<Chadrahan> Exactly.
<Chadrahan> Evangelion is just a fancier Dig Dug.


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<Alicia> Touché.
<Picea> Truthché, Alicia.
<ponicalica> @topic dropping truthbombs left and right
<HederaHelix> What do truthbombs contain, truth? Or explosives?
<ponicalica> yes


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<Rig> Raleigh and the Striker kid did look pretty similar.
<Rig> Now, you know who I couldn't tell apart at all? The Hong Kong team's triplets.
<Rig> They all looked the same.
<Barcode> well, twins.
<ponicalica> that's because they're played by actual triplets
<Barcode> and also they had fifteen seconds of screentime total.
* Rig gives up on joking.