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<Miyabi> I just made the weirdest typo ever.
<Miyabi> I was trying to get to facebook, and ended up typing "keanu reeves" instead.
<VerticalPig> Oh, that's like how every time I want to type "I have no life and I should be doing something else" I end up doing "/connect EsperNet; /j #yackfest"


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<Yayoi> I was reading the Wikipedia article on the Gregorian calendar yesterday and caught myself wondering why nobody could properly spell "solstace".
<Solstace> I'm telling you.  It's the dictionaries that're wrong.


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<Solstace> "wading through a sea of dongs" sounds like it could be a line in a rap.
<Iverum> Or a trip to China.


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<ponicalica> I remember when I first saw "asl" and though it was something like dsl
<Xeniera> analog subscriber line
<Xeniera> internet in a steampunk world
<Xeniera> packets sent via clockwork
<Xeniera> incredibly high latencies


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<Suke> Solstace.
<Suke> I want you inside me
* Solstace thrusts his hands inside Suke's abdomen, and begins to massage him from the inside.


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<Nitya> bluh, this person starts comments with "hi". I am irrationally annoyed
<Solstace> hi
<Solstace> a/s/l


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<Fiora> I actually tried to build cities and stuff ._.
<Fiora> and I didn't cheat
<Nitya> you nerd!
<Fiora> I was like
<Fiora> 5 years old
<Nitya> still a nerd.
<Xeniera> That just reinforces teh point, Fiora.
<Fiora> I wasn't denying iiiit >_<
<Nitya> your first words were "Kirk is better than Picard, nya"


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<Solstace> List of things Solstace geeks out about: Music, Serial Killers, NGE, tribal ethics
<Nitya> solstace would later go on to write an entire opera about misato becoming a papua new guinean serial killer


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<Haruspex> You could just de-op Omni.
<Haruspex> Assuming it doesn't just grow the op back.
<Xeniera> so, in a sleep induced delirium, I read that as "doesn't just grow the balls back", and then I realized how similar "op" looks to a cock and balls.
<Iverum> Welp.
<Iverum> We can leave now.
<Haruspex> Go the fuck to sleep, Solstace.
<Xeniera> Hahahahahaha
<Xeniera> you are all secretly genitalia.


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<Yuan|Cooking> Drat.
<Yuan|Cooking> I don't know which wine to add. 
<Solstace> Add the most expensive one you can find.
<Solstace> That way, if it turns out bad, you can call it an acquired taste.