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<blamspam> Pitbull is such a groin with cream. His face looks like white dick. He is such a bloody gay fucking bum <--people on Facebook are angry
<Puffin> are these native English speakers
<Puffin> 'groin with cream' sounds like something I'd see printed on a t-shirt in China


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<blamspam> Yeah, I actually wanted to have a look at the anime section in the CD store, but there was a creepy guy with some sort of ecchi Kawaii girl game in his hand there.
<atomsk> There always is.
<atomsk> It's like a rule.
<Tzetzuooooo> Don't worry, your existence should repel him
<blamspam> :(
<Tzetzuooooo> if not your existence, your taser
<atomsk> You're too old for him anyway.


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<zeroplusalpha> But look, it was Shinobi, and like, it's really REALLY hard, and I've been trying to finish it since the game's release in 2002.
<Tcaolin> I could whip you or something I suppose. and if it's any consolation I've spent an unreasonable amount of time playing flash games this week
<blamspam> You /would/ want to go whipping him, pervert
<blamspam> ♥


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<blamspam> What does it mean to have a gendered approach to war and peace issues? Choose one example of a failed gendered approach in a peacebuilding or military effort, and one that succeeded. Analyze how gender issues contribute to the success or failure of the peace efforts you have selected.
<Fiora> missiles are clearly phallic objects, so the US navy's focus on missile cruisers is clearly an example of a gendered approach to warfare, in which they assault enemy nations with volleys of long, hard objects representing American masculinity.


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<Tzetzuooooo> er, don't have what?
<blamedaaaaa> a penis, money, decisiveness, Netflix
<Tzetzuooooo> Surgery, theft, more surgery, money
<blamedaaaaa> I don't even want the first for myself, but the rest would be nice
<Tzetzuooooo> You totally want a penis, just not on you.  Don't be denyin' the penis mojo.
<blamedaaaaa> I mean, I would like one with a person attached for the sake of having a person, but not attached to me
<Tzetzuooooo> Ha, you actually went through with the awkwardness
<Tzetzuooooo> Good show!


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<Zudak> blamspam: I literally didn't know it was Easter until Sunshine Werewolf said something about chocolate rabbits
<blamspam> You GODLESS HEATHEN!
* blamspam sends you a delicious chocolate Jesus
<Rotty> Take, eat. This is his body.


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<blamspam> I mean, I like fiction and all, but I never think to myself "Man it would be cool if X and Y fucked each other, I shall write about it in explicit and inaccurate detail"


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<Nitya> Porn with dialogue entirely in sonnet form.
<GuitarBizarre> ...
<GuitarBizarre> I'd watch that.
<blamspam> Sexy.


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<blamspam> Pretty alright. I just watched Vampires Suck at a gift exchange.
<blamspam> It was entirely what I expected.
<blamspam> (Seltzer and Friedberg)
<Lin_Chong> Which is to suck.


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<Wallabu> Can you possibly point me in the direction of a stats book that doesn't use fucking lobotomized hamsters in every example problem
<Wallabu> God, I hated that book.
<Barcode[PATV]> lobotomized...hamsters
<HederaHelix> Seriously, lobotomized hamsters?
<Nitya> one of my calc books had an exercise about yams in pretty much every section
<blamspam> Yams aren't enough to get a person through calculus.
<HederaHelix> Yams are more socially acceptable a topic than lobotomized hamsters, though...
<HederaHelix> The only way it could be topped is if the examples were of lobotomized hamsters eating yams.
<ColorPrinter> In an economic textbook
<ColorPrinter> The economic impact of lobotomized hamsters eating yams