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<Nitya> i'm not just a piece of meat! i'm highly reactive, hysterestic meat
<Fiora> hysterestic?
<Nitya> "Hysteresis is the dependence of a system not only on its current environment but also on its past environment."
<Barcomega> goddamn time travel
<Nitya> ........................................
<Fiora> barcode BARCODE
<Nitya> barcode......................................


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*** Nitya has joined #yackfest
<feepbot> Nitya: JuanCarlos left a note 9 hours, 17 minutes ago: stop being such an uneducated jerk, not letting fiora give you a goodnight kiss.
<feepbot> Nitya: Fiora left a note 9 hours, 16 minutes ago: asdfdkljsk I DID NOT SAY ANYTHING LIKE THAT Juan stop this libel
<feepbot> Nitya: JuanCarlos left a note 9 hours, 16 minutes ago: what if i say no
<feepbot> Nitya: taelor left a note 9 hours, 16 minutes ago: Nitya and Fiora sitting in a tree...
<feepbot> Nitya: IllFlower left a note 9 hours, 14 minutes ago: You've been asked to appear in court to give testimony in a civil suit...
<feepbot> Nitya: taelor left a note 9 hours, 13 minutes ago: ... discussing neurobiology. While making out.
<feepbot> Nitya: Fiora left a note 9 hours, 13 minutes ago: stop these people somehow ;_;
<feepbot> Nitya: Lin_Chong left a note 9 hours, 12 minutes ago: I realize that this message will be buried under all the rest, but did you get to read Pandemonium?
<feepbot> Nitya: IllFlower left a note 9 hours, 12 minutes ago: Might I remind you that #yackfest severely frowns upon murder as a mechanism for silencing dissent.
<feepbot> Nitya: taelor left a note 9 hours, 11 minutes ago: it is too late. we have already discovered all the details of your sordid affair with fiora. all of them.
<feepbot> Nitya: JuanCarlos left a note 9 hours, 11 minutes ago: i do apologize for the mess i've helped to create. By which I mean, I relish and will enjoy your reaction.
<feepbot> Nitya: IllFlower left a note 9 hours, 10 minutes ago: Please disregard all of the previous notes and kill JuanCarlos.


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<ponicalica> (dunno why though.  I'm a butt.)
<Fiora> if you are a butt, you are like, the cutest butt ever.
<SpruceZeus> Hear that? Fiora likes your butt.
<buttercupistiny> he's definitely a butt.
<ponicalica> suuuuuuure it's not
<Fiora> I haven't even seen his butt ~_~  nor do I particularly care about butts
<SpruceZeus> Do it Fiora. Touch the butt.
* Fiora slaps SpruceZeus across the face
<Fiora> there, I touched a butt
<buttercupistiny> ahahahahahaha
* ponicalica hifives Fiora


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<Fiora> ... okay, what the heck @_@
<Fiora> I just got summoned by a guy who refused to attack
<Fiora> he just sat there with his shield, expecting me to shoot
<Fiora> at some point we got double teamed and I was killed because he still refused to attack
<Fiora> I um.  I don't know what was going on there.
<Fiora> like he was an okay meatshield but  ?????
<Alicia> Probably just takes him aegis't'slash.
<Fiora> ALICIA


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<Barcode> i saw the button. a big round button. the button would cause the plot to continue. continued plot, i thought
<Barcode> >
<Barcode> i reached for the button. my arm muscles contracted and relaxed to make this motion possible. my finger approached the round button. the button that would cause the plot to continue.
<Barcode> wait, i thought. couldn't i delay the progression of the plot further? i stopped. waited. this seemed to be working.


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<Fiora> is there such a thing as over-parmesaning anything?
<Fiora> that sounds impossible, like over-sushiing. or over-chocolating.
<IllFlower> "Sir, we accidentally put too much parmesan into the nuclear reactor."
<IllFlower> "How much did you put in there?"
<IllFlower> "About ten grams."
<IllFlower> "How much were you supposed to put in there?"
<IllFlower> "Uh... none, sir."
<IllFlower> "So what's going to happen?"
<IllFlower> "Well, the ship's going to have some exhaust problems for the next couple of hours..."
<IllFlower> "Goddammit, I *knew* I shouldn't have bought the lactose-intolerant engine."


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<Fiora> How to confuse an assexual: ask her endlessly about sex.
<Fiora> *asexual
<Fiora> Gah, sticky keys -_-
<IllFlower> "assexual" "sticky keys" brb, laughing
<Puffin> I'm an assexual
<Puffin> "ass" me anything
<Fiora> ahhghsdjfslkjdlasd
<Fiora> perverrrrts ._.
<Solstace> "assexual" is getting added to the libelous list.
<Fiora> IT IS JUST A TYPO >_>


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<Nitya> I did not know that you could do this to penises.
<Fiora> see, nitya, you'll become an expert in things that can be done to penises.
<Alicia> Been his dream for such a long time.
<Nitya> I'm already an expert in that, baby.
* Nitya winks


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<Fiora> So like, if you mix us, you get a tasty lemonade?
<Fiora> So like, does this mean me/Illflower is called "lemonade" now
<IllFlower> Fanfiction has taught me to regard anything related to lemons with some skepticism!
<Fiora> ... good point :<
<Fiora> Um... limeade!
<ponicalica> Isn't lime also a pornographic fanfic genre?
<Fiora> ... I... wouldn't know ._.
<Nova> i think it's softcore, if i remember correctly
<kingCrackers> Lemons, limes, oranges.
<Nova> I don't think oranges are a term.
<Nitya> they are delicious, however.
<kingCrackers> If it's a citrus, it's got fucking.
<divert_time> what about tangerines, in that case?
<divert_time> or clementines?
<Nitya> Also delicious.
<ponicalica> those are the kinky stuff
<divert_time> grapefruit
<Fiora> Stop associating tasty fruits with porn >_<
<divert_time> I don't want to know what kind of fanfic grapefruits stand for
<Nova> hey, we haven't even gotten into apples yet
<Fiora> ahhhhhhhh ._.
<kingCrackers> Clearly there is a fanfic genre called beef.


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<Yayoi> Buttercupistiny: They are, but on the flip side making Fiora flustered enough to turn bright red is like filling up a shot glass with a fire hose.
<Nitya> Exactly!  It takes strength and finesse.
<Barcode> That's hard too, you'll just knock the glass off the table. Then it will empty (and break)
<ponicalica> With Buttercup it's slightly harder.  Like filling up a pint glass with a fire hose.
<Buttercupistiny> you would think he'd be on his best behavior considering I'm making him food when we go on our date, but here we are.
<Nitya> Presumably he's already resigned to your poisoning it.
<ponicalica> Buttercupistiny: I already know you plan on poisoning me, so I'm just en---DAMN YOU NITYA