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<Rashi> All I know about sex is from Japanese pornography and zoology texts, which is probably a perfect storm of Bad Things To Know.


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<Rig> +decide porny comments about parents not being home for a while|you can be classier than that
<rollermine> Rig: you can be classier than that
<Panzerkampfrechner[empty]> "are you from ireland? because my penis is-" he was cut off by the sound of an explosion
<Rig> "There once was a man from Nantucket," the lance corporal began to recite before the railgun shell tore his arm off.
<Panzerkampfrechner[empty]> "Maybe after we're done this spacewalk we can head back to my quarters for a little..." He gesticulated feebly within his spacesuit, the movements lost within its bulky folds.


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<Saladofstones> Jbridge
<Saladofstones> I know what kind of porn you watch
<Saladofstones> but thats okay
* Saladofstones hugs jbridge
<JBridge> Aw, thanks.


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<Iverum> You know. I bet aliens would watch porn and laugh their non-anthrocentric asses off.
<Iverum> «Is he rubbing his reproductive organs on her face? Why would you do that? It's terribly inefficient for reproduction. No wonder this species can't get past the moon.»
<Barcode> you think aliens wouldn't horribly abuse their reproductive organs?
<MisterJuantastic> Our civilization will be known across the universe as one where being a plumber means being a three legged handsome thirty year old
<ponicalica> I thought being a plumber meant jumping on turtles
<MisterJuantastic> well, games lied to you. Porn's preaching the truth, brutha


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<JBridge> We're talking about a porn site right now.
<JuanCarlos> when are we not talking about porn
<JuanCarlos> or at least, when is JBridge not talking about porn
<VivalaSalsa> When hes talking about metal
<VivalaSalsa> actually no, hes managed to combine the two
<JBridge> No, someone else combined the two.
<JBridge> Pornogrind, wasn't it?
<RocketDude> At least it isn't Pornstep.
<Charlatan> AND PORN


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<Fiora> So like, if you mix us, you get a tasty lemonade?
<Fiora> So like, does this mean me/Illflower is called "lemonade" now
<IllFlower> Fanfiction has taught me to regard anything related to lemons with some skepticism!
<Fiora> ... good point :<
<Fiora> Um... limeade!
<ponicalica> Isn't lime also a pornographic fanfic genre?
<Fiora> ... I... wouldn't know ._.
<Nova> i think it's softcore, if i remember correctly
<kingCrackers> Lemons, limes, oranges.
<Nova> I don't think oranges are a term.
<Nitya> they are delicious, however.
<kingCrackers> If it's a citrus, it's got fucking.
<divert_time> what about tangerines, in that case?
<divert_time> or clementines?
<Nitya> Also delicious.
<ponicalica> those are the kinky stuff
<divert_time> grapefruit
<Fiora> Stop associating tasty fruits with porn >_<
<divert_time> I don't want to know what kind of fanfic grapefruits stand for
<Nova> hey, we haven't even gotten into apples yet
<Fiora> ahhhhhhhh ._.
<kingCrackers> Clearly there is a fanfic genre called beef.


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<JBridge> Sadly, that's not the first time I've seen mermaid porn with impossible undergarments.


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<Yubiseiharukana> 'With the risque "HaXXXor" series of low-budget films, Nmap makes the leap from Science fiction to soft-core pornography.'
<VerticalPig> "No, don't probe that port... no, please... oh... /Why am I responding to his intrusion? He hasn't even authenticated properly aaaaaaah/"


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<JBridge> Should I rant on realism in hentai, or go back to playing my game?
<Motoko> JBridge, I'm ashamed to say that I'd like to hear your rant, just to see how depraved you can get!
<JBridge> OK.
<JBridge> First of all, relationships.
<JBridge> I am of the opinion that virgins should never write porn.
<Motoko> nononononononono, I didn't actually mean that you should *do* it, JBridge!
<JBridge> See, now you have me started!
[... five minutes later ...]
<JBridge> Anyway, back to Driver: San Francisco.
<JBridge> Even though I'm in Marin right now.
<Motoko> Why aren't you just taking a car out and driving around the real San Francisco?
<Motoko> Such a missed opportunity, JBridge.
<ponicalica> Motoko: Are you encouraging JBridge again?
<ponicalica> Remember what happened last time you did that?
<Motoko> At least he wouldn't be in here talking about porn!


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<IllFlower> you know, in fifteen years I'm going to be hearing about how one of the UC campuses has set up a pornography studies department with a certain Joel Button as its chairman
<IllFlower> I'll look at the papers out of morbid curiosity and go, "that's the first time I've ever seen the word 'autofellatio' in a citation"