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<AlisaBannings>  This fucking feeling in my throat....WHO INVENTED ILLNESS!?!
<Lin_Chong> That would be Malaratron.
<Lin_Chong> Metatron's kid brother.
<Lin_Chong> Everybody told him that nepotism was a baaaaaaaaaaaaad idea, but did he listen? Nooooooooooooo.


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<Sakuya>  anyway, relgion is just a crutch, and excuse for people to look away and not accept the truth of the world.
<Sakuya>  a long line of ostriches with their heads buried in the sand.
<Lin_Chong>  Yeah we got that.
<Lin_Chong>  And look at your hand. 
<Lin_Chong>  And then back at me.
<Lin_Chong>  Then look at your hand.
<Lin_Chong>  And then back at me.
<Lin_Chong>  Your religion-clutch /isn't/ me.
<Lin_Chong>  But he could /believe/ like me if he started on a religion that was /fun/ and stopped believing in something unfun.
<Lin_Chong>  Look back at your hand. And then back at me.
<Lin_Chong>  I'm on the planes of Nirvana, clutching the fires that is enlightenment.
<Lin_Chong>  Look at your atheism. It is silly and has no fun stories.
<Lin_Chong>  Now look! The fires are now battle-axes for you to slay your friends fall all eternity!
<Lin_Chong>  Anything is possible when you believe in a deistic religion and /not/ passionate rationalism.
<Lin_Chong>  I'm on Sleipnir.


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<Nitya> There's got to be something wrong with just attributing a quote «--Buddha».  Good ol' Christians give you not just the book, but the fucking sentence number!


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<Zudak> blamspam: I literally didn't know it was Easter until Sunshine Werewolf said something about chocolate rabbits
<blamspam> You GODLESS HEATHEN!
* blamspam sends you a delicious chocolate Jesus
<Rotty> Take, eat. This is his body.


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<TParadox> Liberal Christians are liberal because of what their religion says about the world. Conservative Christians are conservative because of what the world says about their religion.


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<Barcode> Surely SOME part of a Muslim's direction vector is towards Mecca!
<Jack> Little do they realize that prayers actually are affected by gravity
<Jack> Christians have it harder, their prayers have to make escape velocity.


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<PhoneBizarre> Atheist motherfuckah in the hizzouse REPRESENT!
<Reyendo> < atheist 2
<Reyendo> AMEN, BROTHER!
<Reyendo> FUCK


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<GoggleFox> With 1/2 the calories and saturated sin of natural Satan it's I Can't Believe It's Not Satan! For the soul-conscious mortal.
<Alkthash> {{May contain evil}}