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<Nitya> But yah know, I have alot of feels about the characters I didn’t have before.
<Nitya> And just Asuka is basically my soul mate. That’s my conclusion. When I feel I am mentally prepared I’ll watch the movies. But Im JUST FILLED WITH ALOT OF FEELS RIGHT NOW AND ITS HARD 
<Anonus> when did you become a stereotypical Tumblrite
<JBridge> I think he's quoting someone.
<Anonus> I can never tell what he says and what he copypastes
<Anonus> But then again, he copypastes everything he posts.
<Nitya> Yes.
<RocketDude> He probably copy-pasted that "Yes" as well.
<RocketDude> In fact, what if all of you copy-pasted everything and you guys were always fucking with each other that way?
<RocketDude> On this channel, I mean
<Nitya> What if.
<JBridge> <Nitya> Yes.


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<RocketDude> Like Juan, I cannot be shipped with anyone, for I lack the same interest in math
<Haven> inb4 JuanCarlos/RocketDude
<JuanCarlos> no shut up
<JuanCarlos> go away
<RocketDude> NO
<Haven> Guys, I -said- inb4
<Haven> that makes everything okay.
<JuanCarlos> no it doesn't
<JuanCarlos> inb4 dicknipples
<JuanCarlos> see? not ok, bro
<RocketDude> @Haven: No, by mentioning it, you make it happen
<IllFlower> JuanCarlos, it's been decided. You've been shipped with Haven. And dicknipples.


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<saladofstones> oh god intel scared me
<saladofstones> I saw "intel firmware system" and a warning sign and I'm like "fuck my computer is exploding"
<saladofstones> but nope only saying "oh hey I exist"
<saladofstones> I still think the best error I've ever gotten was "Error: no error"
<Nitya> you'd better register immediately to take advantage of these great commercial offers
<RocketDude> Reminds me of the time one of the auxiliary hard drives in my computer disconnected itself during a disk defray.
<RocketDude> It didn't crash the computer, the defrag just kinda stopped (or I stopped it) and the Intel Rapid Storage Technology program was all like "lol k whatever"
<Barcode> did I tell you why my kriegscomputer was acting up
<Barcode> anyway my motherboard apparently had a BIOS auto-update program that works in the background through windows and this eventually caused some serious shit after I had a power outage
<Barcode> reflashed the bios to the latest versio nand uninstalled the auto update software and I've been good ever since
<RocketDude> Oh wow.
<Barcode> RocketDude it also has two bioses, one of them virtual
<Barcode> and /then/ a backup.


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<JBridge> We're talking about a porn site right now.
<JuanCarlos> when are we not talking about porn
<JuanCarlos> or at least, when is JBridge not talking about porn
<VivalaSalsa> When hes talking about metal
<VivalaSalsa> actually no, hes managed to combine the two
<JBridge> No, someone else combined the two.
<JBridge> Pornogrind, wasn't it?
<RocketDude> At least it isn't Pornstep.
<Charlatan> AND PORN


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<Jbridge> Oh well, I got other stuff too.
<RocketDude> Don't tell me you bought a body pillow
<Jbridge> Like an airsoft pistol for a friend.
<Jbridge> HK 116E.
<jseblan> an H&K body pillow
<RocketDude> On one side is an MP5, the other is the same gun, but field-stripped.


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<RocketDude> Cooking isn't about why, it's about why not


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<JBridge> I worked from 6:00 to 9:30 today.
<JBridge> Specifically, 6:00 AM to 9:30 PM.
<JBridge> But hey, I'm getting $95 out of the deal.
<RocketDude> Wow. Are you feeling okay?
<JBridge> I'm feeling a bit exhausted.
<RocketDude> A /bit?/
<Haruspex> I'm going to assume you were working as a gigolo.
<RocketDude> If he was, then I'd salute his stamina.
<JBridge> Well, I was serving a lot of people.


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<PorrimMaryam> do you
<PorrimMaryam> chickens are cute <3
<Puffin> don't go petting folks' chickens, Aon :|
<RocketDude> "Choking the chicken," am-ee-ree-tee
<Cosman246> what's this about?
<RocketDude> Nitya's chickens have gotten loose and Aon likes to pet their wattles.
<jseblan> is that a double-entendre
<PorrimMaryam> No it's not!
<RocketDude> Maybe. *Sniff* Maybe.
<PorrimMaryam> I'm not always a slut
<PorrimMaryam> Just
<PorrimMaryam> most of the time
<RocketDude> Plus, that would imply that Nitya has multiple penii, but given how he is about penii to blamspam...
<jseblan> that conversation is going the wrong way
<Nitya> PorrimMaryam: They run away from me.


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<Nitya> but pink is (nearly) the color of communism, comfrade!
<RocketDude> @Barcode: Oh yeah, how does that zoom level config work? Like, can you still use the scroll wheel for switching weapons?
<saladofstones> gay communism?
<saladofstones> I wonder if you have marxist-feminist critiques
<RocketDude> No, gay communism does not help with sniping.
<Nitya> marxist feminism exists, sure.
<ColorPrinter> I come back and the topic is gay communism
<ColorPrinter> alright


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<saladofstones> last time I QDB'd something I broke it
<saladofstones> and I don't think the all-mighty Illflower will stand for it again
<RocketDude> Just try it again.
<RocketDude> I'd do it, but lazy
<saladofstones> if I break everything I blame barcode
<Nitya> And barcode can blame Jackerel, thus completing the cycle.
<saladofstones> and then jackerel can get banned for our sins
<RocketDude> But who will Jackerel blame?
<Nitya> It doesn't matter because we'll kickban him because he's obviously lying and it was his fault.
<Barcode> forgive us, Vater, for we do not know what we do.