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<Rotty>  Divine penis blood, coursing through your veins.
<Kashchei> sounds like a metal song
<SyntheticPsephology> No, it sounds like something Wicked would Google here at intervals for no discernable reason.


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<Zudak> blamspam: I literally didn't know it was Easter until Sunshine Werewolf said something about chocolate rabbits
<blamspam> You GODLESS HEATHEN!
* blamspam sends you a delicious chocolate Jesus
<Rotty> Take, eat. This is his body.


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<Rotty> ... Aon, why are you furry?
<HappyFurryTeenager> RP
<HappyFurryTeenager> That will soon be ending...
<Rotty> Ah, so it's not "Stopped shaving my legs."


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<Rotty> Tze: When will they make a ponibaby?
<Nitya> Let me consult the spirits
*** Nitya is now known as Haruspex
* Haruspex slays a goat
<Haruspex> alright let's see
<Haruspex> I think the leaking shit shows a May birth


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<Rotty> Wait, what's a homophone of "lesbian"?
<JackMackerel> @Rotty - I got Les Bein'
<Rotty> Les bein', more becomin'
<Rustedsoda> So, Japan is like


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<Rotty> Thanks to the internet, I now confuse Chris Hansen with the Three Stooges.
<Rotty> *leans into frame* Hello... hello... hello!