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<Cultist> "2244096 hours later" this fucking comic.
<Cultist> @wa 2244096 hours
<Omnipresence> Cultist: Wolfram|Alpha: Input interpretation: 2244096 hours [...] — Comparisons as time: ~~ 1.3 × approximate time one would have to lie (+321 more characters)
<jseblan> can you @more? I'm curious about that last part
<Cultist> @more
<Omnipresence> Cultist: supine before a bird would poop in one's mouth (~~ 200 yr ) [...]
<jseblan> ...
<Cultist> snort


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<jseblan> .decide traverse the white light | don't
<feepbot> jseblan: traverse the white light
<jseblan> ooh cinematic
<jseblan> ooh crocodile
<jseblan> OH GOD
<jseblan> AAAH
<jseblan> WHAT THE FUCK


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<jseblandTheftAuto> "don't choke on the bone fragments" b- but- it's a salad
<Generality> Salads can have bones.
<saladofstones> I should know


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<divert_time> Death is the everyday girl everyone wants to see when they die. Of course she gets boring if you have too much of her
<Haven> But people are just dying to see her
<Juan> I never could have dreamed of you making such an awful pun, Haven. Although I think you were destined to do it
<Haven> As if you didn't desire it.
<Juan> I am in the deppest despair at the thought
<SpruceZeus> jesus christ enough puns, i'm getting delirious here
<Juan> they are the endless puns


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<TheWireblan> "If a virus killed everyone on earth except registered reddit users, what would society look like in 5 years?" I'd delete my account if I was warned beforehand


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<Jbridge> Oh well, I got other stuff too.
<RocketDude> Don't tell me you bought a body pillow
<Jbridge> Like an airsoft pistol for a friend.
<Jbridge> HK 116E.
<jseblan> an H&K body pillow
<RocketDude> On one side is an MP5, the other is the same gun, but field-stripped.


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<Nitya> You know what, I'm not going to click that.
<jseblan> they're golf club accessories
<jseblan> ...
<jseblan> they're not
<jseblan> nvm don't click that


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<Charlagrandma> Hello jseblan
<jseblan> are the cookies moist, Charlagrandma
<Charlagrandma> I'M MOIST
<jseblan> :|
* jseblan adds the previous question to the "Things I Regret Doing" list
* Charlagrandma cackles maniacally


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[swapping Nintendo friend codes]
<jseblan> xxxx-xxxx-6699
<Alicia> Best last four digits.
<ponicalica> better than 6969?
<ponicalica> 6969 has *two* happy couples
<jseblan> yeah or you could consider that 6699 is an actual foursome while 6969 they're just each doing their own thing


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<jseblan> thing that annoys me in Saints Row 3: There are no socks in Steelport
<Barcode> socks ain't gangsta
<jseblan> but how am I going to make a cute tsundere character without thigh-high socks
<jseblan> I mean seriously
<Nitya> b-baka, i ain't pop a cap in yo ass because i like you or anything