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<IllFlower> Ha, so IE-tan apparently has a name - Inori Aizawa.
<ponicalica> the real question is: how long until Mozilla, Google, and Apple make their own?
<IllFlower> I'm imagining Jony Ive sitting down for one of those five-minute videos, except about a moe anthropomorphisation.
<IllFlower> "We removed all unnecessary lines, emphasising the core features of iTan that appeal to audiences." "Her boobs, right?" "Yes, yes."


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<IllFlower> "moe-moe Bullet-chan is too embarrassed to pierce through the innocent bystander's skin! that's so perverted!"


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<Osip_Zhgun[Barcode]> Do moe samurai commit seppuguu?


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<IllFlower> wise uncle zeroplusalpha, who is also occasionally a mean uncle
<zeroplusalpha> Is there any other kind of uncle?
<ponicalica> creepy uncle
<zeroplusalpha> OK, apart from that one.
<IllFlower> he's got a bit of that too *cough*moe anime*cough*
<zeroplusalpha> Oi.
<zeroplusalpha> I have at *least* two more years before my anime folder puts me on government watchlists.


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<zeroplusalpha> "Let x denote the lack of understanding demonstrated by zpa. Let y be the function of discussion by IRC. Deriving t = time from (x1, y1), how long will it take before zpa watches some moe anime instead?


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<Barcode[out]> Fiora: you should try red alert.~
<Nitya> Hey, that's a real tilde, not "tilde", or "tee eye ell dee ee" or "tee ee ee ee aye ee ee ell ell dee ee ee ee ee" or something.
<Barcode[out]> Yes, but I included punctuation before the tilde, disrupting its power.


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<MoeKawaii> キタワァ*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・゜(n‘∀‘)η゚・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* !!!!!  
<JackMackerel> oh god
* JackMackerel stabs Tzetze for his own good
<MoeKawaii> If I don't make it... tell my wife... uguu...


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<IllFlower> There'll be the original Charlatan, and then there'll be Charla-tan, your cute moe anthropomorphism. Also Char-latan, purveyor of branded grilling products.


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<n> uh.
<ColorPrinter> sounds about right
<reyendo> so cute.
<JackMackerel> I'm fucking having heart attacks
<HederaHelix> That tumblr scares me.
<ColorPrinter> sharks are so fucking tsundere
<ColorPrinter> the uguu~ terror of the ocean


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<jseblan> ... and I am now aware of the "moe" in "homoerotic"