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<Arisaka> I'd be interested in them, (see below) but 1) they cost around $110 too much for me and 2) I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a pair of cat ears.
<AliceTensei> "Man found shot dead, pair of cat ears forcibly applied to his head."
<Arisaka> Well, I didn't go down without a fight.


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<Tibetanfox> You know what Feepbot loves, though?
<Tibetanfox> Ponies.
<AnOtherT> feepbot: do you like ponies?
<Saigyouji> .decide Genocide|Ponies
<feepbot> Saigyouji: Genocide
<EnglishIvy> Oh shit.


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<GMH> okay, give me a noun that you think fits "easily fooled"
<Darxzero> Voters


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<Rhyme|Saigyouji> ...TWEWY erotic fic, dove?


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<AliceTensei> Pounding dubstep would be a good name for a bad band.
<SpruceZeus> or a sex act
<RocketDude> ...Dammit, Zudak, now I'm imagining porn with Dubstep as porn music
<RocketDude> And now I'm imagining an MLG montage parody using porn
<SpruceZeus> well there is that one katawa shoujo video
<SpruceZeus> 360 NOSCOPE CUMSHOT and so on


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<AliceTensei> Danbooru doesn't have Rule 63 Metal Gear Ray. It saddens me that stuff like that actively surprises me now.


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<Kaguya|Darxzero> Ooo. A boss door. Let's see what horror awaits me... 
<Kaguya|Darxzero> ...Oh God. ...It's the Yellow Devil. D:
<Kaguya|Darxzero> ...Well, that went badly. D:
<GuitarBizarre> Fu Manchu kicked your ass?


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<Raine|Saigyouji|DDP> One day, there will be a forum with no basketcases. It will consist of a single post saying "Hello".


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<Iverum> .decide walk|clean|code|die
<feepbot> Iverum: die
<Iverum> .rr
<feepbot> Iverum: Boom! You're dead.
<feepbot> Iverum: The gun has been reloaded.
<Saigyouji> Well, at least feepbot is consistent.