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<Rashi> All I know about sex is from Japanese pornography and zoology texts, which is probably a perfect storm of Bad Things To Know.


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<Iverum> You know. I bet aliens would watch porn and laugh their non-anthrocentric asses off.
<Iverum> «Is he rubbing his reproductive organs on her face? Why would you do that? It's terribly inefficient for reproduction. No wonder this species can't get past the moon.»
<Barcode> you think aliens wouldn't horribly abuse their reproductive organs?
<MisterJuantastic> Our civilization will be known across the universe as one where being a plumber means being a three legged handsome thirty year old
<ponicalica> I thought being a plumber meant jumping on turtles
<MisterJuantastic> well, games lied to you. Porn's preaching the truth, brutha


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<Saladofstones> also had a really awkward moment
<JBridge> Hm?
<Saladofstones> walked in on my dad and his girlfriend sleeping together
<Saladofstones> I noticed the door was closed, and I thought, huh this is weird
<Saladofstones> and I thought my dad was depressed, so I thought they got into a fight
<Saladofstones> and nope
<Saladofstones> nope nope nope
<JBridge> Welp.
<JBridge> If it's any consolation, I had a somewhat similar moment last Saturday.
<JBridge> I've probably mentioned that people can pay to have their birthday party at High Scores.
<JBridge> Well, apparently one couple at last Saturday's party took the name a bit too literally.
<JBridge> Since I went to use the can, and noticed that the door was both closed, and bumping.
<Saladofstones> oh jesus
<JBridge> Fortunately, there's another bathroom right next to that one.
<Saladofstones> I like your thinking
<Saladofstones> "oh fuck people having sex"
<Saladofstones> "Well the stall -next- to them is clear"
<Saladofstones> cue you whistling while you whittle


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[swapping Nintendo friend codes]
<jseblan> xxxx-xxxx-6699
<Alicia> Best last four digits.
<ponicalica> better than 6969?
<ponicalica> 6969 has *two* happy couples
<jseblan> yeah or you could consider that 6699 is an actual foursome while 6969 they're just each doing their own thing


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<Kshch> god, why do people not have facebook in this day and age?
<Kshch> now i have to solicit sex in person, how dreadful


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<Nitya> I mean, you still don't want to turn bolts with your fingers if you have a wrench. But just keep in mind that your fingers do other things, like write, regenerate, maybe cause the occasional orgasm.
<Nitya> I guess you could do the last with a wrench?
<Nitya> Probably wouldn't recommend that.


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<IllFlower> Let me put it to you this way. TV Tropes is what you get after you put gender, biological sex, sexuality, and all types of romance into a blender, set it to "liquefy", and then chuck the blender out of the window because this is a terrible analogy.


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<Suke> Solstace.
<Suke> I want you inside me
* Solstace thrusts his hands inside Suke's abdomen, and begins to massage him from the inside.


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<Kashchei> question: cute, sexy, or beautiful, and why?
<Solstace> Cute.  I find beautiful people to be like works of art, and who the fuck would bone a nice painting.  And I don't trust sexy people, too many personal experiences.
<Nitya> ...
<Nitya> Wtf
<JackMackerel> @Solstace - I want to bone a painting. :<
<Kashchei> i'd bone a nice painting...


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<AliceTensei> Pounding dubstep would be a good name for a bad band.
<SpruceZeus> or a sex act
<RocketDude> ...Dammit, Zudak, now I'm imagining porn with Dubstep as porn music
<RocketDude> And now I'm imagining an MLG montage parody using porn
<SpruceZeus> well there is that one katawa shoujo video
<SpruceZeus> 360 NOSCOPE CUMSHOT and so on