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<Fiora> ... okay, what the heck @_@
<Fiora> I just got summoned by a guy who refused to attack
<Fiora> he just sat there with his shield, expecting me to shoot
<Fiora> at some point we got double teamed and I was killed because he still refused to attack
<Fiora> I um.  I don't know what was going on there.
<Fiora> like he was an okay meatshield but  ?????
<Alicia> Probably just takes him aegis't'slash.
<Fiora> ALICIA


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<Charlatan> "'HOP ON MY DIIIIIIIICK' is a popular misinterpretation of the lyrics 'Harbor my deep secret' from Before My Body is Dry."
<Charlatan> All of a sudden Kill La Kill is very pertinent to my interests.
<Alicia> Charlie really likes hot dicks.
<Charlatan> The road to Cockhalla is long and hard.


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<Osip_Zhgun[Barcode]> Do moe samurai commit seppuguu?


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<IllFlower> "brain.visual_memory.as_image_buffer(format: 'png')"
<IllFlower> I don't know why my brain's interface is in Ruby.
<Barcodrawing> because then you can say you've gone off the rails.


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<Rig> «Purrloin used Quick Claw to move first. Purrloin is asleep.» Well, shit.
<jseblan> more like Purrloin is fast asleep
<Rig> ¬.¬
<Rig> That is the worst fucking pun.


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<JBridge> So, my parents are on this really strict diet.
<JBridge> The only kind of bread they can eat is that untasty kind.
<JBridge> Not wheat, but some grain.
<Barcodecoterrorist> Pseudowholegrain?
<JBridge> I think I remember they were talking about Control, Commitment, Concentration, and a bunch of other stuff.
<Barcodecoterrorist> how about Don't Drink Soda, Don't Eat Dessert, Don't Eat Too Much, And Exercise
<JBridge> I think it was the Seven Cs of Rye.
<Barcodecoterrorist> seven.
<JBridge> Yes, that was all for the pun.
<Barcodecoterrorist> too much effort
<JBridge> Maybe.
<Barcodecoterrorist> well let's hear all the seas, then.
<Omnipresence> URL: [] YouTube - ‪The Seven Seas Of Rhye by Queen with lyrics‬‏
<Barcodecoterrorist> wait
<Barcodecoterrorist> ERROR: Too much meta. (2097)


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<AliceTensei> Bipartisanship. A boat with two spears stuck to the front.


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<Nitya> wittengenstein is the belief that wittgenstein is throughout all of nature
<ponicalica> wittgengengenstein
<RocketDude> Wolfenstein.
<Nitya> return to castle wittgenstein sounds like quite the game
<ponicalica> Wittgenstein 3D


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<AliceTensei> Oh Fox, never change.
<Nitya> Obama flip flops comfy, surprisingly affordable


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<Szczerbiec> youtube guy, why did you label a DnB track called "Pikachu Mutha Fucka" as being by Aphex Twin.
<Barcodinner> It was Aphex's evil twin.
* Szczerbiec slowly stands up and walks over to Barcode.
* Szczerbiec stares him in the eyes for a few seconds before grabbing him by the hair and pulling his head off of his body.
* Szczerbiec sits back down.