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<Zudak> because i'd rather talk about boners than politics or dumb people on the internet


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<Charlatan> "'HOP ON MY DIIIIIIIICK' is a popular misinterpretation of the lyrics 'Harbor my deep secret' from Before My Body is Dry."
<Charlatan> All of a sudden Kill La Kill is very pertinent to my interests.
<Alicia> Charlie really likes hot dicks.
<Charlatan> The road to Cockhalla is long and hard.


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<Nitya> see, it's important we establish gatekeepers, because what if somebody feels they should cut off their dick but is actually just joking
<Saladofstones> okay
<Nitya> lookin at you salad i know you're all about dicks
<Saladofstones> I would never give up my dick
<Barcode> "give me my dick or give me death"
<Nitya> d is revolutionary
<Saladofstones> "you may take our wives and our land, but you'll never take our diiiiiicks"
<Saladofstones> [spoiler]they took mel gibson's dick[/spoiler]
<Nitya> oh no


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<Charlatan> See, where I get mad is when mods require other mods to play.
<Charlatan> Like mod X requiring Skyrim Script Extender.
<Charlatan> MY DICK.
<JBridge> I think that requires SKSE, too.
<Barcode[out]> Expand dong
<Charlatan> Expand dovaahkin
<Barcode[out]> Fus roh dong
<Charlatan> "Unrelenting force"


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<Tzetzuooooo> It's true.  It's so annoying just having your dick spill everywhere.


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<Nitya> I had no idea dicks were this complicated.


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<SpruceZeus> the road to cockhalla is long and hard, because one must first endure Wangnarok