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<Alkthash> Rig is not just a mere gimp.
<Alkthash> Rig is a super high school level gimp.


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<Queelez> {{How to abuse TropeBot}}
<TropeBot> Trope HowToAbuseTropebot doesn't exist. Closest match: Troper IRC Channel


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<Juan> but solstace isn't here, mackerel
<Juan> well, i guess he's in our hearts
<Juan> or in your heart
<Juan> and your penis
<Alkthash> Wait, he is *in* Jackerel's penis?
<Juan> Of course. Don't you know? Jackerel's penis is like Aladdin's lamp. It just holds bishies instead of genies
<ponicalica> rub my "lamp" amirite
<HederaHelix> Please don't ever talk about JackMackerel's penis ever again.


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<Saladofstones> there was a saga of mendel and anne frank becoming a couple
<Haven> that's allele too much to handle


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<Foombazzle> Weather here isn't great for white though. It warms up way too fast.
<Foombazzle> Also, for some reason I havent ascertained, reisling is very unavailable here. At least in the poor people's price points I purchase at.
<Foombazzle> Surgeon General's Warning: Excessive consumption of alcohol may induce alliterativity


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<GMH> #yackfest i am disappoint
<Juan> Turns out that people recognize cars easier than flying lolls
<RocketDude> Dude, I coulda told you that people will recognize a Ford Mustang more reliably than a Touhou


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<Juan> oh. i just make fun of you whenever possible. :p
<ponicalica> that's how I know you love me
<Juan> forever and always <3<3
<Charlatan> @ponicalica: WHAT ABOUT OUR SPECIAL LOVE ;_;
<ponicalica> you just weren't here for me, and I needed someone to fill the void
<Juan> I...I...I'm speechless, poni. Speechless. ;~;
<ponicalica> do you no longer love me? ;_;
* Charlatan buttseckses Juan and Poni


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<Solstace> D8s are not nearly as bad as D4s.
<Solstace> Those things are caltrops in dice form.


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<Tibetanfox> I was always of the opinion that Fast Eddie and moot would get along great.
<Tibetanfox> moot would, of course, try to fuck Eddie.


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<Arisaka> If nukes were dicks, the Diebner bomb would require a microscope.