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<LORd[donttakeitpersonally]> How many bots do we have on this channel already
<Estragon> There's Omnipresence, feepbot, Nitya, IllFlower, TropeBot, mapibot, and Spacebar.
<LORd[donttakeitpersonally]> There will come a time when just posting "lol" will trigger twenty "Command unrecognized" messages


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<Nitya> i don't care about OXYGEN, i need BOOBIES, nothing more


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<RocketDude> Cooking isn't about why, it's about why not


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<Barcode> eX: We are mailing each other slaps of concrete, yes.
<eX> Barcode: That's pretty dense
* Nitya plays rimshot
<eX> thank you, thank you, i am here all week
<JuanCarlos> Next week, we get an actual comedian
<eX> JuanCarlos: {{Actually Pretty Funny}}
<JuanCarlos> Thank you. I'll be here next week if you need me. B)


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<Nitya> .decide listen to shitty pop via youtube | listen to shitty pop via nightmares beamed into your mind from things beyond existence
<RocketDude> Granted, YouTube is probably a better medium than the latter
<Nitya> You'd be surprised!  The reception is usually pretty great.
<JuanC> RocketDude: you clearly haven't use Things Beyond Existence's services. I tell you, man, they're about be as big as YT is
<Nitya> Only once the stars are right again. Then we will dance through the ruined halls of Tsochari to the mad theremin of Commisar Schilling, as has our ancestors on Xoth once did
<IllFlower> I hate the advertisements, though. They really went downhill when they started reading your mind to sell you things.


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<Barcode> fast track to internet fame. photoshop jimbo wales's face onto a Yojimbo poster. subtitle it Yojimbo Wales.
<jseblan> or use Gimp
<jseblan> Gimpo Wales


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* Yuanchosaan blinks
<Yuanchosaan> I must be tired. I read the "Comics" subforum as "Conics", and spent a few seconds wondering when we had decided to devote an entire board to mathematics.


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<Rig> I go back to work tomorrow. Actually excited about that. Should be getting new projects and junk.
<Nitya> at the school thing?
<Nitya> school... uh... whatever you did.
<Rig> Emerging Media and Technology Department or whatever the fuck we call it to make it sound more impressive.
<Barcode[spriting]> software engineering engineering solutions engineering dynamic.
<Rig> + Design
<Rig> That last bit is in Helvetica Neue.


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<Auk> you can pull an all-nighter with me
<Nitya> lab monkey!
<Auk> :(
<Auk> it's sad because it's true
<RocketDude> Lab Monkey like Fritos, Lab Monkey like Tab and Mountain Dew...


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<GMH> yeah, il palazzo was from excel saga
<ponicalica> Personally I think that they should do Word Saga and Powerpoint Saga.