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<Nitya> "You need a passport to buy bread." "Here you go." "This passport is not valid because you are naked in the passport photo. HA HAAAA HA HAHAHA" man i hate that dream


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<saladofstones> night alkthasgfvas
<saladofstones> gfagfa
<saladofstones> night
*** Alkthash has quit IRC
<saladofstones> fucking keyboard


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<Barcode> I will admit I don't know why I bothered pursuing this line of thought but I have no idea why you guys are pretending that you can't bring a knife anywhere near your body without spontaneously amputating all of your limbs.


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<Spaghetti> No, y'all don't understand. I told solstace about this chick I was having relations with, and not an hour later things went to hell with her.
<Spaghetti> Thanks, jackass
<Solstace> Oh, sorry :(
<JackMackerel> How bad?
<JackMackerel> My condolences.
<Electivirus> ;___;
<Spaghetti> At least she convinced her boyfriend not to kill me.
<Spaghetti> cough
<Electivirus> ...
<JackMackerel> ...
<JackMackerel> Wow.
<Solstace> ....
<TOKAM> ...
<Penguin> I think I've spotted the problem.
*** Electivirus is now known as Sympathy
* Sympathy flies out the window


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01:13:42 <Solstace> Oh, god, I'm getting sucked into the world of Penguindrum analysis.
01:13:44 <Solstace> >.>
01:14:14 <Spacethash> It could be worse Solstace.
01:14:20 <JBridge> Yeah.
01:14:20 <Solstace> You're right.
01:14:25 <Solstace> It could be Evangelion analysis.
01:14:25 <JBridge> You could be analyzing Eva.


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<BonSequitur> ...
<BonSequitur> Seriously, now.
<BonSequitur> I look up 'arabesque' in dA.
<BonSequitur> What do I get? PORN!
<Gyges> Bon
<Gyges> It's the internet
<Gyges> You are complaining about water being wet


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<TParadox> It sounds like something {{Setzer and Friedberg}} would do.
<TropeBot> Trope SetzerAndFriedberg doesn't exist. Closest match: ITT we are all online trolls.  - TV Tropes Forum


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<Zakdos> damn you british and your crazy inventions to always be at GMT!
<GuitarBizarre> We're british. Crazy inventions are what we do whenever we're not trying to persuade the Irish and Scottish to come to war.
<Zakdos> you invented the non-metric system
<GuitarBizarre> Sometimes we even make crazy inventions to get the Irish and Scottish to come to war.
<Zakdos> hey, that's what I like to call optimization
<GuitarBizarre> We call it imperialism.


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<Nitya> fez put me in the worst possible psychological state: mad about video games. now i'm in the second worst state: has an idea for a video game


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<Solstace> StarGirl00: You are extremely talkative tonight. Did someone die?