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* Roland lives!
* jseblan shoots Roland
<jseblan> NO


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<Tibetanfox> You know what Feepbot loves, though?
<Tibetanfox> Ponies.
<AnOtherT> feepbot: do you like ponies?
<Saigyouji> .decide Genocide|Ponies
<feepbot> Saigyouji: Genocide
<EnglishIvy> Oh shit.


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<Nitya> my dong is six feet deep.


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<Wicked223> @g the system is deown
<Omnipresence> Google: System of a Down —
<Wicked223> HA
<GoggleFox> And then
<GoggleFox> Make TVTropes's server work
<GoggleFox> DO EET
<Electivirus> @g deown
<Omnipresence> Google: Emerald theme manager, not switching themes? [Archive] - Ubuntu Forums —
<Electivirus> ...
<GoggleFox> @g doen
<Omnipresence> Google: Stichting DOEN - Home —
<GoggleFox> . . . I don't even want to know
<Electivirus> @g deown in the dumps
<Omnipresence> Google: Employees Down in the Dumps? That's Great News! | BNET —
<Electivirus> ..........
<jseblan> :|
<Electivirus> @g deowntown
<Omnipresence> Google: Vital Signs: What makes Metro Vancouver livable? - Social Studies —
<Electivirus> I give up.


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<saladofstones> night alkthasgfvas
<saladofstones> gfagfa
<saladofstones> night
*** Alkthash has quit IRC
<saladofstones> fucking keyboard


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<Wicked223> Toothbrush-induced orgasms are hard not to talk about


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<Charlatan> "'HOP ON MY DIIIIIIIICK' is a popular misinterpretation of the lyrics 'Harbor my deep secret' from Before My Body is Dry."
<Charlatan> All of a sudden Kill La Kill is very pertinent to my interests.
<Alicia> Charlie really likes hot dicks.
<Charlatan> The road to Cockhalla is long and hard.


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<Nitya> If I don't successfully pick up 420 girls, I am going to die in a lot of different ways.


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<Zakdos> it's WINS, not WINDS
<Suke|Kitty> ...
<Suke|Kitty> Shut up ;-;
<GuitarBizarre> no
<GuitarBizarre> its winds
<GuitarBizarre> since he.
* GuitarBizarre sunglasses
<GuitarBizarre> Blew it.
<Zakdos> *The Who*


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<Nitya> mechwarrior, shitbird
<JuanMorrison> so do you just take random words and shove shit into them or what
<Nitya> what? yes, duh
<Nitya> how the fuck do you think words get made? you don't just fucking, like, say them