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<boyhood> Who wants to be Womanliness?
*** MANLINESS is now known as WOMANLINESS
<RocketDude> And the wetness, and the coolness, and the stickyness and the Loch Ness!
<GMH> Womanly Ness?
<boyhood> Gives new meaning to the term "untouchable."


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<Saladofstones> Korea was, in gentle terms
<Saladofstones> a complete fuck up logistics wise
<Saladofstones> since we forget Korea had mountains
<Nitya> "fuck what's that thing" "sir it's a mountain" "a wha- FUCK"


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<Misaki> video quality isn't differen
<Misaki> *different
<Misaki> i might just permanently undercock this
<Misaki> *underclock
<Misaki> god forbid if this is quoted


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[discussing China Mieville]
<bogo_lode> i'm thinking more about his books
<bogo_lode> they essentially all have the protags win
<bogo_lode> but in a way that is horrible and despair inducing
<Barcode> and lo, the protagonists won so hard they became the villains and lost to themselves
<bogo_lode> that kinda happens in the squid one


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<Haruspex> You could just de-op Omni.
<Haruspex> Assuming it doesn't just grow the op back.
<Xeniera> so, in a sleep induced delirium, I read that as "doesn't just grow the balls back", and then I realized how similar "op" looks to a cock and balls.
<Iverum> Welp.
<Iverum> We can leave now.
<Haruspex> Go the fuck to sleep, Solstace.
<Xeniera> Hahahahahaha
<Xeniera> you are all secretly genitalia.


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<JBridge> I remember back around my sophomore year in high school, two girls came up to me, and asked if I had fallopian tubes. I said no, and mentioned something about their epidermis showing.
<JBridge> Now however, I realize how I SHOULD'VE responded.
<JBridge> "Yes. They're not mine, but I DO have them. If you want to see, I could bring the jar in some time."
<GuitarBizarre> Yeah. Flirting, disgusting, and witty in one fell swoop
<GuitarBizarre> you'd have been knee deep in vagina by the time you turned around
<Jayden> Ewwwww
<Jayden> As a friendly word of advice; it's not your leg you're supposed to stuff in there
<Jayden> If you're knee deep in vagina you're doing it very wrong
<GuitarBizarre> Jayden: or horrifically right!


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<Arha> I just don't think I like the idea of explosives on my cock


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<Wumenguan> Sometimes you just get that feeling of "I wish I was named after a book of incomprehensible poems and questions", you know what i mean?


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<Arha> I was going to make a statement about how I secretly like all the people I bitch about but someone would probably put a quote of it into the database and I would never live it down