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<SuperHighschoolLevelCharlatan> @topic Saltybet is the most pointless, ridiculous, absurd waste of time yet invented thus far. It's also hilarious. Watch it.
<Omnipresence> SuperHighschoolLevelCharlatan: Topic messages may not exceed 96 characters in length.
<SuperHighschoolLevelCharlatan> @topic MY DICK EXCEEDS 96 CHARACTERS IN LENGTH.
* Omnipresence has changed the topic to: Read me first: | <SuperHighschoolLevelCharlatan> MY DICK EXCEEDS 96 CHARACTERS IN LENGTH.
<SpruceZeus> that is basically the most charlatan thing
<SuperHighschoolLevelCharlatan> SpruceZeus: *tips hat*


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<Barcode> i told you about the guy who painted a zizek portrait at some art thing i went to, right?
* Nitya imagines Call of Cthulhu, but with the poets and sculptors arting zizek instead of cthulhu
<Barcode> i had to walk down an alley, i was increasingly nervous about the people around me
<Nitya> The alleyway had an oppressive quality Barcode could not stop to define. Not just the walls, but the masses of people around him seemed to press in. From the ghetto, they were, [about a paragraph of racism] until he came to rest at the stand. There, only there, did he look up, only to see the Slovenian


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<GMH> dude
<GMH> this game is more complicated than magic the gathering
<GMH> seriously
<ponicalica> GMH: Bigger prizes, too.


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<aishkiz> anyway, cocks. 
<aishkiz> my family reportedly once owned one.


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<Insidious> .decide wangs | vaginas
<feepbot> Insidious: vaginas
<RoseLalonde> Read that as: Insidious Vaginas.
<RoseLalonde> I tell ya man, they're trying to eat your dick.
<Insidious> I've known some insidious ones, yes
<RoseLalonde> Right off.
<AliceTensei> Vagina dentata?
<ponicalica> Virginia dentata.
<AliceTensei> Attack of the man-eating US States.
<RoseLalonde> When states go cannibalistic.
<Insidious> thats what west virginia has been protecting us against
<RoseLalonde> It's also the first victim.
<RoseLalonde> Rhode Island never stood a chance either.


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<GuitarBizarre> GET OUUUUUUUUT!
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<GuitarBizarre> ...
<GuitarBizarre> Not him...


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<Solstace> The little girls probably have to fellate, too.
<Nitya> evil life suckers
<LORd[Nisemonogatari]> oh. makes sense I guess (much as it pains to say)
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<Arha> It's always nice to come into the channel and have the first thing you read be about little girls fellating
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<Arha> You never let me down, yackfest
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<SpruceZeus> Looking at some Rob Liefeld art gave me an idea
<stiva> ... that sentence terrifies me, SpruceZeus


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<IllFlower> Anonus, you do realize speculating about mental breakdown is essentially the official sport of #yackfest?
<IllFlower> It's right up there with kicking JackMackerel and cognitive dissonance about Touhou.


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<Saladofstones> what sort of horrific sounds have you created?
<Nitya> oh it's mostly gibberish.
<Saladofstones> anything roughly melodic?
<Nitya> uh
<Nitya> if you're open minded
<Saladofstones> you know I read hentai right?
<Saladofstones> I'm nothing if not adaptable