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<Nitya> "It is only equipped with a 12.6mm Vulcan, but it gets additional firepower by eating chili peppers or a car battery, after which the elephant becomes able to breathe fire or to shoot lightning from it's proboscis." it's an exciting time to be a soldier


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<feep> using (ec, delta) { turn-left-x; turn-up-y; } // *MWAHAHAHAHAAAAAHAHA*
<feep> generally
<feep> if the comments start doing the maniacal laughter, that's a bad sign.


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<jseblandTheftAuto> "don't choke on the bone fragments" b- but- it's a salad
<Generality> Salads can have bones.
<saladofstones> I should know


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<Puffin> I find a humanities major and offhandedly mention that I got paid $20,000 to study bugs fucking each other


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<Miijhal> "One noticeable use of her shapeshifting ability is her hair, which turns into hands that hold up her breasts and cover her nipples. Her primary offense is squirting acid from her breasts, as well as wielding a sword created from her hair."
<Miijhal> This is the weirdest fucking wikipedia page
<HederaHelix> Please tell me you're reading the one on the history of the far future.
<Miijhal> no.
<Miijhal> though that would probably be a better read
<RocketDude> In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only strange fanservice.


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<Nyktos> computer is being a cunt, I need to log off for a sex
<Nyktos> *sec O_O


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<Cultist> "2244096 hours later" this fucking comic.
<Cultist> @wa 2244096 hours
<Omnipresence> Cultist: Wolfram|Alpha: Input interpretation: 2244096 hours [...] — Comparisons as time: ~~ 1.3 × approximate time one would have to lie (+321 more characters)
<jseblan> can you @more? I'm curious about that last part
<Cultist> @more
<Omnipresence> Cultist: supine before a bird would poop in one's mouth (~~ 200 yr ) [...]
<jseblan> ...
<Cultist> snort


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<IllFlower> Fioraを二次元女体化!『服はプラグスーツで、ノーマルな目で赤髪のセミロングのサイドポニーでエロエロで悪女な感じ』のようだ // "Wearing a plugsuit [ha], with normal eyes and semi-long red hair in a side ponytail. A seductive, femme fatale kind of aura."
<Jack> so fiora is uh, asuka in a ponytail
<Solstace> Fiora: Marry me.


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<Lin_Chong> Clearly all martial artists should learn the drums.
<zeroplusalpha> They should, actually, and the rhythm aspect is also very important.
<Lin_Chong> Imagine an entire mountain range, with line upon line upon line of bare-chested acolytes pounding their way into the morning light, their drumsticks cast from lead and their drums lined with tiger-skin.
<Lin_Chong> And in the temple below, all the masters take advantage of the glorious back-beat and rock out truly righteously.