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<Cultist>  well WHATEVER you're not good enough for my spontaneous bird ejaculations anyway
<Barcode[WoT]>  birds with premature ejaculations. a very narrow pharmaceutical market


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<Solstace> We've been through this, I thought. Lou is sane in his own bizarre and twisted way. I'm a future serial killer :P


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<IronyAdams> This channel
<IronyAdams> It's turning me into a Japanese housewife


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<Barcode> hm, how does bgtb draw butts


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<Tibetanfox> I mean, my car is old enough that if it were a girl I could legally and consensually fuck her.
<Tibetanfox> Goddamn. That is the worst analogy I have made in this channel.
<Tibetanfox> Ever.


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<Barcode> why did someone bump my asexuality/homosexuality topic ;_;
<Logopolis> Because a lot of people enjoy bumping homosexuals.


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<IllFlower> Fioraを二次元女体化!『服はプラグスーツで、ノーマルな目で赤髪のセミロングのサイドポニーでエロエロで悪女な感じ』のようだ // "Wearing a plugsuit [ha], with normal eyes and semi-long red hair in a side ponytail. A seductive, femme fatale kind of aura."
<Jack> so fiora is uh, asuka in a ponytail
<Solstace> Fiora: Marry me.


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<IllFlower> Were we just all simultaneously in the shower?
<IllFlower> Freaky.
<Barcodrawing> Great. Now we're going to have to name this The Shower Incident.
<Rig> Let's not.


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<StarGirl00> I hate wasps
<StarGirl00> And bees
<StarGirl00> And anything else that can sting you
<Noimporta> Like syringes?
<StarGirl00> Yes
<StarGirl00> I am fine with the animals as long as there is a glass wall between me and them
<StarGirl00> Like at an aquarium or something
<Noimporta> Bees at an aquarium? I need to go to Canada at least once in my lifetime


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