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<JBridge> God damn.
<Tibetanfox> THE FUCK IS THAT?
<JBridge> That is a video that is 478 hours long.
<JBridge> I dare you to watch the whole video in one sitting.
<poniboy> Is that even possible?
<Tibetanfox> poniboy: With enough meth, anything is possible.
<Tibetanfox> But mainly a heart attack.


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<Puffin> also, I tried raw milk for the first time today. very tasty. go bribe a farmer and get some
<Haven> Sounds like a raw deal
<FTLIicia> That was udderly hilarious.
<Juan> what is wrong with you people
<FTLIicia> Everything.


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<Charlatan> I fucking hate ice.
<Charlatan> I fucking hate how it's everywhere in this town.
<Charlatan> I hate nearly slipping and busting my ass approx. twice a day if not more.
<Charlatan> I hate that there is an especially icy patch of ice in the driveway outside my dorm which even covers the sidewalk.
<Charlatan> I hate ice freezing and then melting and then freezing again in a different spot that throws me off.
<IllFlower> You should buy a flamethrower and become a badass over-the-top video game protagonist.
<Charlatan> A berserker-packing man-and-a-half?


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<IronyAdams> Hey GMH
<IronyAdams> Wanna join us?
<Omnipresence> URL: [] YouTube - Klezmer Bad Romance
<IronyAdams> Oops


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<SpruceZeus> !trope Internets
<TropeBot> Trope Internets doesn't exist. Closest match: Rule Thirty Four


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<Alkthash> Not the waffle cone shape, the pictures of women looking at you while you pee.


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<@GMH> oh wait
<@GMH> holy shit
<@GMH> BDSM is actually useful


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<Rig> I want to see a lady covered in spiders.


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<Nitya> But yah know, I have alot of feels about the characters I didn’t have before.
<Nitya> And just Asuka is basically my soul mate. That’s my conclusion. When I feel I am mentally prepared I’ll watch the movies. But Im JUST FILLED WITH ALOT OF FEELS RIGHT NOW AND ITS HARD 
<Anonus> when did you become a stereotypical Tumblrite
<JBridge> I think he's quoting someone.
<Anonus> I can never tell what he says and what he copypastes
<Anonus> But then again, he copypastes everything he posts.
<Nitya> Yes.
<RocketDude> He probably copy-pasted that "Yes" as well.
<RocketDude> In fact, what if all of you copy-pasted everything and you guys were always fucking with each other that way?
<RocketDude> On this channel, I mean
<Nitya> What if.
<JBridge> <Nitya> Yes.


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<jseblan> .decide |make coffee|Coffee is the only choice, the essence of life. Make coffee or perish
<feepbot> jseblan: Eh?