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<Nitya> also i know a decent amount of physics and i'm pretty sure that learning physics is no guarantee that you're going to know physics
* Charlatan aims the LHC at Nitya
<Nitya> for example, the LHC is several kilometers across, and also a circle
<Nitya> hard to aim


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<Miijhal> But, just as a comparison, mountain dew is only about four times more acidic than vaginal fluid.
<Miijhal> Obviously having sex makes your dick melt.
<Barchores> I had no idea women were actually xenomorphs


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<Solstace> I just let imagination fill in the blanks.
<Solstace> ...
<Rika> That's probably for the best, because reality will probably disappoint you somehow
<Solstace> Yeah.
<Solstace> That's part of why I don't poke and pry too much.
<Rika> ...wait, this conversation is beginning to have sexual overtones, isn't it?
<Solstace> Maybe.
<Solstace> I swear it isn't intentional.
* Rika puts on robe and wizard hat


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<Nitya> "they felt despair, followed by an inexplicable craving for meat, then despair, then more meat"
<zeroplusalpha> That's any Brit after a Friday night bender.


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<Haruspex> It may be a unit of measure, but it's also a literal flower.
<Haruspex> Figuratively speaking.


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<AliceTensei  "If your son is using Quake, you should make hime understand" Hime?
[seconds later]
<RocketDude> Also, obviously, you have to find an anime character and make them understand that your son is "using Quake"
<AliceTensei> Hmm. Does the emperor of Japan have a daughter?
<AliceTensei> Ah. Yes he does.
<AliceTensei> So clearly, we need to find his daughter, and inform her about Quake.


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<ponicalica> StarGirl00: How are you today?
<StarGirl00> God


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<saladofstones> it was great since we had her deciding if she wanted pancakes or waffles for breakfest, and you see two armies go to war with each other
<saladofstones> one with a banner that said WAFFLES and another that said PANCAKES
<saladofstones> and they just slaughtered each other until one side won
<saladofstones> while the viking's mind was a bunch of little girls in a playroom deciding things through democracy and being cute
<saladofstones> "SHALL THIS MAN LIVE OR DIE"


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<GravelordNito> I had a dream that I was a child abused pedophiliac owl with electric powers last night
<GravelordNito> No idea what that says abou the
<RocketDude> That you're a pedophilic sith master?


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<JackMackerel> @ship endrance/yoda
<Solstace> JackMackerel: Should've expected that from you.
<JackMackerel> It is my fetish.
<Iverum> I thought stabbing people was your fetish.
<Evangelyne> I thought seeing women in sushi costumes tackling each other in a giant fondue pot was your fetish.
<Solstace> I thought Tzetze was your fetish.