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*** Nitya entered the room
<Iverum> As I was saying, Solstace becomes jealous of Jackerel's open 'affection' for Nitya and opens his heart (among other things) to Nitya in response.
<Iverum> Shit.
<Iverum> He's back.
<Nitya> okay nevermind
*** Nitya left the room


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<Electivirus> Extended, my ass.
<Alkthash> Goatse?


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<Yume> the more i stare at this gaussian curve 
<Yume> the more i imagine it to be a really fat penis


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*** Lin_Chongy joined #yackfest
<Lin_Chongy> Lin Chongy? Good Lord, what am I, a rapper?
*** Lin_Chongy is now known as Lin_Chong
<VerticalPig> "LIN CHONGY IN DA HOOOOUUUUUUUUUSE! Just a kid from Shanghai, but my words, they don't lie..."


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<BarcrimsonSkies> "We've lost government centre!" who cares
<BarcrimsonSkies> you don't understand, game. I don't give a shit if City Hall gets destroyed.
<BarcrimsonSkies> who eve n/needs/ the columbia towers? we can just build new ones
<Nitya> barcode, are you maybe not a good pilot


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<saladofstones> welcome to night ME3 threads
<saladofstones> where everyone is gay
<saladofstones> even the andriods
<jseblan> YES
<TParadox> especially the androids.


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<Nova> kiwis are the worst bird
<Nova> worship owls instead
<Alkthash> Do you really want to go down this road Nova? Dark thinks lie down this path
<Alkthash> Bluh. I don't want to hear another thing about owls. The next person who says anything about the devil birds will get cut. Immediately after that I will lick the wound to savor their fear and surprise. But not content that they have been kissed twice, first by my steel and then by my hate, I will whisper 8 words in their ear. And then they will take five steps and have their heart stop as a host of maggots begins to crawl out their eyes
<Alkthash> Eventually enveloping their body in a coccoon of festering pain and despair.
<Alkthash> And then I will drop the spaghetti to get senpai to notice me


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<Haruspex> It may be a unit of measure, but it's also a literal flower.
<Haruspex> Figuratively speaking.


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<RocketDude> Cooking isn't about why, it's about why not


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<blamspam> What does it mean to have a gendered approach to war and peace issues? Choose one example of a failed gendered approach in a peacebuilding or military effort, and one that succeeded. Analyze how gender issues contribute to the success or failure of the peace efforts you have selected.
<Fiora> missiles are clearly phallic objects, so the US navy's focus on missile cruisers is clearly an example of a gendered approach to warfare, in which they assault enemy nations with volleys of long, hard objects representing American masculinity.