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<IllFlower> JBridge just knows these things. Don't ask why, because it's more information than you'll ever need. Or want, really.
<JBridge> IllFlower: "A fountain of useless and mostly disgusting information."
<JBridge> That's how my best friend describes my mind.
<IllFlower> It's better than how my mind is usually described, which I won't reproduce in full here because it generally entails graduate-level thesis papers in exacting detail on how badly I've gone unhinged over my few years of existence.


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<CTrombley> You know what bothers me? Devils don't cry in the game.
<CTrombley> I mean, I know they didn't outright promise it.
<CTrombley> But still...
<zeroplusalpha> That's the point. Devils /May/ Cry.
<zeroplusalpha> Not that they /will/.


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<Nitya> semirelatedly, phrases i do not want to see anywhere near each other ever again: "decerebrate cat" and "anal sphincter"


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<Nitya> "Neuroscientist Sean O'Nuallain suggests that this very existence of synchronized gamma indicates that something akin to a singularity - or, to be more prosaic, a conscious experience - is occurring." what is with this article
<Fiora> Singularities: conscious experiences?
<Fiora> So black holes are really really big experiences?
<Fiora> And if the black hole is charged sufficiently, the event horizon goes away, and it's a naked experience? And then sex happens, and we have to close the doors.
<Fiora> Sorry I don't know where I'm going with this.


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<Haruspex> You could just de-op Omni.
<Haruspex> Assuming it doesn't just grow the op back.
<Xeniera> so, in a sleep induced delirium, I read that as "doesn't just grow the balls back", and then I realized how similar "op" looks to a cock and balls.
<Iverum> Welp.
<Iverum> We can leave now.
<Haruspex> Go the fuck to sleep, Solstace.
<Xeniera> Hahahahahaha
<Xeniera> you are all secretly genitalia.


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* Yuanchosaan blinks
<Yuanchosaan> I must be tired. I read the "Comics" subforum as "Conics", and spent a few seconds wondering when we had decided to devote an entire board to mathematics.


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<Saladofstones> there was a saga of mendel and anne frank becoming a couple
<Haven> that's allele too much to handle


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<Barcode[out]> Fiora: you should try red alert.~
<Nitya> Hey, that's a real tilde, not "tilde", or "tee eye ell dee ee" or "tee ee ee ee aye ee ee ell ell dee ee ee ee ee" or something.
<Barcode[out]> Yes, but I included punctuation before the tilde, disrupting its power.


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<Rig> An excuse to ban someone is always fun for me.
<Nitya> anyway have you /cs clear users'd yet
<Rig> IllFlower doesn't let me.
<Rig> I have to kick everyone manually because dictatorship.
<Nitya> God damn it IllFlower you are the worst fucking tyrant.  Like come the fuck on, where are my death squads?  I want to be forced against a wall and obliterated by a misguided kid barely younger than I am who will think I was a threat to human peace for years, as he fights off the slowly dawning realization that "I was just following orders" won't be taken seriously


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<Haruspex> i took the test and got INFP
<Haruspex> i'm not sure i've ever heard of someone not getting INFsomething, at least on the internet
<Haruspex> i like that i'm apparently both introspective and turbulent
<Haruspex> so i don't talk but when i do i punch you