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<Saladofstones> all I can think of is a belgian expression for when something is useless
<Saladofstones> "its as useless as the pecker on the pope"
<Juardboiled> "belgian"
<Juardboiled> oh
<Saladofstones> what
<Saladofstones> you gonna knock my people
<Juardboiled> yes wha chu gunna do bub
<Saladofstones> I'll love you so tenderly man
* Juardboiled rips off shirt to reveal another shit saying no sorry i'm taken
<Rig> Juan is just covered in layers of shit.
<Barcode> dude, is that a fucking biological ability
<Barcode> growing shirts
<Rig> My biological ability is not giving shits.
<Rig> I'm a mutant.
<Rig> Mister No Shits Given
<Juardboiled> that explains so much about rig


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<feep> :ahem:
<feep> identity equals record of work
<feep> thank you
<feep> (yes that means consciousness is basically bitcoin)
<feep> (yes that means you can build a currency on it)
<Hopper> Logical conclusion, everybody is inflated pigheads in the future


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<Myrdradek> Let me tell you about running as fast as you can and staying still: The Myrdradek story
<Nitya> oh, good that you got a working treadmill
<Barcode> ^
<ponicalica> ^
<Section42L> ^


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<Nitya> Mostly I just liked the idea of depressurization alarms
<Nitya> childhood fear o' mine
<Barcode> ooooo ooo ooo sweet childhoodfear o' mine
<Barcode> *horrible high pitch guitar*


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<EnglishIvy> To people who are fans of something, everything that isn't praise looks like incessant mocking.


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*** Nyktos has joined #yackfest
<Nyktos> actually, on second thought, I'd rather sleep tonight
*** Nyktos has quit (Quit: Client Exited)


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<JuanCarlos> no fuck you, jseblan, i'm fucking clint eastwood and there's nothing you guys can do about it
<Haven> he's on top right


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<Motoko> そうなの?これは日本語じゃないかなぁ・・・
<U_B> All I'm getting out of that is "bla bla bla?  Bla bla Japanese Language bla bla bla trailing off I am a foreign spy"


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<NEET> @defie purblind
<NEET> bleh
<Wilhelm> @denine purblind
<Wilhelm> @define purblind


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<CentralAve> Question: how do we know it's not the early word that gets the berm?