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<IllFlower> I must say, I'm going to look forward to political campaigns in 30 years.
<IllFlower> "Is it true, Mr. Senator, that you trolled 4chan in your teenage years? We have evidence that you wrote, and I quote, 'LOLOLOL DISREGARD THAT I SUCK COCKS' in one post. How do you answer to the questions surrounding allegations of a homosexual affair?"


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<HederaHelix> You could still just buy the game.
<Nitya> steam destroys people's minds, ivy
<Nitya> it's turning gamers into stereotypical sitcom housewives, hoarding coupons and going store to store looking for "deals"
<Nitya> but all from the same store
<HederaHelix> That is a rather unsettling concept.


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<GuitarBizarre> Only a programmer could take a function that works perfectly and break it by improving it. 
<Nitya> It's basically standard procedure.


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<Zipp> Did I kill the conversation, or was it already dead to begin with?
<VerticalPig> It's like a fish out of water. Occasionally it shows signs of life by flopping awkwardly. Then somebody kicks it back into the ocean only for it to flop out again.
<VerticalPig> At this point you think that someone would have taken it home and eaten it for dinner, but IRC channels are of poor nutritional value.


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<aishkiz> anyway, cocks. 
<aishkiz> my family reportedly once owned one.


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<IllFlower> "It's Not Like I Leaked These Documents to the Whole World Because I Like Freedom or Anything!"
<Juan> "I Can't Believe My Little Leaker Is This Kawaii"
<Fiora> NIST is the NSA's little sister
<Fiora> there's incest going on
<Fiora> NSA is the skeezy older brother
<IllFlower> Things get rather skeevy when there are flashbacks to the NSA inserting a backdoor into the young Dual_EC_DRBG standard.
<IllFlower> "But, but, NSA-oniichan, if I do that, they'll be able to see everything!"
<IllFlower> "It's okay, Dual_EC_DRBG. I'm the only one who'll ever see it."
<Section42L> the CIA is the father who's never around, except during that one episode when the NSA's origin story is explained and the father comes back to bitch at him
<Juan> IllFlower's profound knowledge of incest anime is terrifying yet amusing


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<SpruceZeus> This is the greatest pig-tossing, photo-taking, and letter-sending simulator i have ever played


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<Nitya> I mean, you still don't want to turn bolts with your fingers if you have a wrench. But just keep in mind that your fingers do other things, like write, regenerate, maybe cause the occasional orgasm.
<Nitya> I guess you could do the last with a wrench?
<Nitya> Probably wouldn't recommend that.


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<Rhyme|Saigyouji> ...TWEWY erotic fic, dove?


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<Solstace> .decide call | don't call
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<Solstace> Wimp.