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<Noimporta|shower> As for me, it's time to cleanse the evil that inhabits my body.
<GuitarBizarre>  Got the shits?


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<saladofstones> it was great since we had her deciding if she wanted pancakes or waffles for breakfest, and you see two armies go to war with each other
<saladofstones> one with a banner that said WAFFLES and another that said PANCAKES
<saladofstones> and they just slaughtered each other until one side won
<saladofstones> while the viking's mind was a bunch of little girls in a playroom deciding things through democracy and being cute
<saladofstones> "SHALL THIS MAN LIVE OR DIE"


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<Miijhal> But, just as a comparison, mountain dew is only about four times more acidic than vaginal fluid.
<Miijhal> Obviously having sex makes your dick melt.
<Barchores> I had no idea women were actually xenomorphs


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<Alkthash> Oh god, there is nothing that is not terrifying about duck reproduction


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<IllFlower> Good morning, zeroplusalpha. How's the marketing copy treating you? ;)
<zeroplusalpha> OK, that's scary, you remembered something I said buried under a discussion about indie computer games from yesterday.
<IllFlower> If you pretend I'm a computer like everyone else does, it becomes slightly less scary.
<zeroplusalpha> Uh, I *did* pretend. Now I'm not so sure it's necessary to.
<JuanCarlos> So you mean to say that a sentient computer is not scary at all


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<AliceTensei> Danbooru doesn't have Rule 63 Metal Gear Ray. It saddens me that stuff like that actively surprises me now.


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<Haruspex> @define invaginate
<Omnipresence> Haruspex: Wolfram|Alpha: Input interpretation: invaginate (English word) | definitions — Result: 1 | verb | sheathe; 2 | verb | fold inwards
<Haruspex> i'm learning so many words
<Haruspex> several of which can be used as horrible sexual euphemisms, tooo
<Nova> no
<Haruspex> My man-meat thirsts for invagination!
<Haruspex> wait, "throbbing" should be in there
<Nova> :|
<Haruspex> nova, don't you write? this is stuff you need to know.
<Nova> i am not writing about throbbing man-things.
<Haruspex> Perhaps you will someday! You should be prepared.
<Iron> What if you get into writing porn someday?
<Iron> Or yaoi?
<Iron> You need to know your sex for those
<Haruspex> Or retinal development fanfiction?
<Haruspex> The neural tube evaginates. You may need to know this!
<Nova> If I got into writing porn I'm fairly sure it would be wimmin-on-wimmin porn anyway.
<Haruspex> That can involve invagination too, ya know.
<Iron> You may have to write for gay porn
<Iron> As in guy-on-guy
<Nova> why would i even
* Fiora dips Nova in liquid yaoi.
<Haruspex> Being bitten by a mutant gay man?
<Nova> Fiora: why would you betray me like this
<Fiora> What, is yaoi like, acidic, and you're basic?
<Fiora> Or is this like matter and antimatter?
<Haruspex> I'll say she's basic. If you know what I mean. *wink*
<Nova> I am yuri, the vat is yaoi. They are antithesis to one another, or something.
<Fiora> No, they're complementary!
<Nova> No they're not!
<Fiora> See, in a story, there's boys and girls, right?
<Nova> Not necessarily?
<Fiora> You pair the boys with each other, and the girls with each other.
<Fiora> It's the natural order of things!
<Nova> I thought the natural order of things was for girls to only exist to get in the way of the yaoi.
<Haruspex> your silliness is not appreciated in this high-minded discussion of being bitten by gay people
<Iron> But nova, you may need knowledge of guy-on-guy sex someday


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<JuanCarlos> why do is it that whenever i decide to check this channel, i always return to dildoes or mackerel being all creepy towards Cultist


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<GuitarBizarre> Only a programmer could take a function that works perfectly and break it by improving it. 
<Nitya> It's basically standard procedure.


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* Coop pokes Mio-chan
* Mio-chan bashes Coop in the face with her Sunburst Fender Jazz Bass.
<Coop> the fuck? I didn't poke it with /that/!