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<RocketDude> Like Juan, I cannot be shipped with anyone, for I lack the same interest in math
<Haven> inb4 JuanCarlos/RocketDude
<JuanCarlos> no shut up
<JuanCarlos> go away
<RocketDude> NO
<Haven> Guys, I -said- inb4
<Haven> that makes everything okay.
<JuanCarlos> no it doesn't
<JuanCarlos> inb4 dicknipples
<JuanCarlos> see? not ok, bro
<RocketDude> @Haven: No, by mentioning it, you make it happen
<IllFlower> JuanCarlos, it's been decided. You've been shipped with Haven. And dicknipples.


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<taelor> Is it bad that by the end, I started shipping the cartoon characters in my Japanese textbook?
<CTrombley> "Is it bad ... shipping ... ?" Yes.


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<Yukihime> "Nitya looked down at his shoes, his voice occasionally cracking through tears. 'you don't understand, ivoryRum. I'm not like the rest of you. I'm an exception.'
<Yukihime> "ivoryRum took Nitya's hand in his, running his fingers over the folds of his palm. 'I know,' he said. 'that's why I knew I had to catch you.' "
<ivoryRum> Oh god.
<Nitya> are you high


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<Yukihime> "JackMackerel held the knife in his left hand, which was trembling violently enough to blur. 'I loved you! I loved you, but you never acknowledged me, you stopped returning my calls, you ignored me when I said "hi"... this is it! if you won't accept me, then I can't accept you!'
<Yukihime> "he lunged at Nitya with the blade, but only managed to swipe at thin air. Nitya grabbed his arm, knocking him down to the ground with the efficiency of a martial arts master. 'I didn't want to hate you, Jack. even if I couldn't love, I thought I could keep myself from falling into that pit of ill regard. that's why... I stayed away. to keep myself from having to hate you... but it's too late now, isn't it?' "


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<Nitya> Keep in mind, when i use the term "murder", I use it in a broader fashion than you may be used to.
<Nitya> Turning people into sapient dickworm colonies, for one.
<saladofstones> but I guess I learned nitya likes to turn his victims into dickworm colonies because he's secretly zouken
<saladofstones> since I know this and haven't been turned into a dickworm colony yet, that makes me either the kiritsugu or the kirei of the relationship
<saladofstones> Nitya that means I get to chant bible verses and exorcise you
<saladofstones> and then Fiora snaps and becomes the anti-chirst and I have a manly fight with Illflower while Rig casts magic
<Nitya> this sounds good to me
<Fiora> I am not the anti-christ <_>


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<IllFlower> Proposition: Instant channel bans for anybody shown to be an active TV Tropes user
<Iverum> Proposition: IllFlower needs sleep badly.
<IllFlower> Point of order: What are you doing in my bed?
<Iverum> Who's the chair?
<IllFlower> Nobody's the chair! Get out of my bed!
* Iverum goes back to the corner.
<Iverum> Anyway, I'm all for bans.
<Iverum> For almost any reason.
<IllFlower> Proposition: Instant channel bans for anybody shown to be Iverum
* Iverum seconds the motion.
<IllFlower> Stay in your corner!


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<Rig> I'm aware of all relationships in this channel. It's the op power that IllFlower granted me.
<Rig> His cruel wisdom enlightens me.
<stiva> so you know about Nitya and me?
<Rig> The question is "Does Zia?"
* Zia looks at stiva
* Nitya looks at stiva 
* Zia looks *really hard* at stiva
* stiva whistles casually while backing out of the room.


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<Juan|ThePrisoner> Cultist and Nova were totally flirting while you were away, CTrombley
<Nova> wait what
<Cultist> I'll wait your what, babe.


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<Electivirus> @shit Poni/Fast Eddie


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* Solstace blows vuvuzudak
<TParadox> Ew, get a room.