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<Charlatan> See, where I get mad is when mods require other mods to play.
<Charlatan> Like mod X requiring Skyrim Script Extender.
<Charlatan> MY DICK.
<JBridge> I think that requires SKSE, too.
<Barcode[out]> Expand dong
<Charlatan> Expand dovaahkin
<Barcode[out]> Fus roh dong
<Charlatan> "Unrelenting force"


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<Tibbles> Picking all this Tundra Cotton makes me glad I'm not playing a Redguard.


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<Fiora> ... also, I actually ordered myself a soul gem, so like, um, yeah.
<ponicalica> are you going to cosplay as homuhomu
<Fiora> No... I just wanted one because it was pretty!
<Fiora> I'm not... lkajlskjl
<Fiora> I can't win
<SpruceZeus> Fiora is a master of the Nordic tongues
<SpruceZeus> Lkåjskjl!
<Fiora> ._.
<jseblan> Fus Fiora Da?
<SpruceZeus> It makes everyone in a certain radius suddenly get rotten teeth and suffer heart attacks and nosebleed


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<jseblan> oh man I love quicksaving/quickloading in Skyrim's PC version
<jseblan> "God I hate Nazeem" *F5* "haha I killed Nazeem" *F9* "I'll kill him again and again and again and again-"