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<jseblan> .decide traverse the white light | don't
<feepbot> jseblan: traverse the white light
<jseblan> ooh cinematic
<jseblan> ooh crocodile
<jseblan> OH GOD
<jseblan> AAAH
<jseblan> WHAT THE FUCK


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<Fiora> ... okay, what the heck @_@
<Fiora> I just got summoned by a guy who refused to attack
<Fiora> he just sat there with his shield, expecting me to shoot
<Fiora> at some point we got double teamed and I was killed because he still refused to attack
<Fiora> I um.  I don't know what was going on there.
<Fiora> like he was an okay meatshield but  ?????
<Alicia> Probably just takes him aegis't'slash.
<Fiora> ALICIA


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<Charlatan> @topic Dark Soles II - Prepare Toe Die
<Haven> bet sprucezeus’ll get a kick out of that
<Charlatan> ..........*slow clap*
<Medicine> Make all the puns you want, just be sure not to put your foot in your mouth.