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<IllFlower> Were we just all simultaneously in the shower?
<IllFlower> Freaky.
<Barcodrawing> Great. Now we're going to have to name this The Shower Incident.
<Rig> Let's not.


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<JuanCarlos> no fuck you, jseblan, i'm fucking clint eastwood and there's nothing you guys can do about it
<Haven> he's on top right


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<Rig> I'm like gravity.
<Rig> You can resist all you like, but it keeps happening.


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<Rig> I'm like stairs because it's a lot of work to get me up, but going down can be lots of fun.


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<Nitya> "Pitches film where Scarlett Johansson uses 100% of her genome at once"
<Myrdradek> She already does amiright guys
* Myrdradek opens a beer can with his nose
<Nitya> is that... a sex joke? i'm not sure.


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<Nitya> I did not know that you could do this to penises.
<Fiora> see, nitya, you'll become an expert in things that can be done to penises.
<Alicia> Been his dream for such a long time.
<Nitya> I'm already an expert in that, baby.
* Nitya winks


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<JBridge> I worked from 6:00 to 9:30 today.
<JBridge> Specifically, 6:00 AM to 9:30 PM.
<JBridge> But hey, I'm getting $95 out of the deal.
<RocketDude> Wow. Are you feeling okay?
<JBridge> I'm feeling a bit exhausted.
<RocketDude> A /bit?/
<Haruspex> I'm going to assume you were working as a gigolo.
<RocketDude> If he was, then I'd salute his stamina.
<JBridge> Well, I was serving a lot of people.


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<ponicalica> the video where an egg was fried in death valley was cool even thought it led to assholes trying to fry eggs without fucking skillets
<WildSeraph> Fucking the skillet is step number one in egg-frying.
<ponicalica> you don't think it was butter I was frying my eggs with, did you?


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<Kashchei> the clitoris?
<Noimporta> And what would that be?


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<Solstace> Argh.
<Solstace> Wanting to do something again.
<Solstace> Don't know what I want to do.
<Iverum> Jackerel is free, as always.
<Solstace> I'm insulted that you'd suggest that.
<Iverum> I was going to suggest Nitya.
<Solstace> That's only slightly better.