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<ponicalica> (dunno why though.  I'm a butt.)
<Fiora> if you are a butt, you are like, the cutest butt ever.
<SpruceZeus> Hear that? Fiora likes your butt.
<buttercupistiny> he's definitely a butt.
<ponicalica> suuuuuuure it's not
<Fiora> I haven't even seen his butt ~_~  nor do I particularly care about butts
<SpruceZeus> Do it Fiora. Touch the butt.
* Fiora slaps SpruceZeus across the face
<Fiora> there, I touched a butt
<buttercupistiny> ahahahahahaha
* ponicalica hifives Fiora


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<Barcode> hm, how does bgtb draw butts


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<jseblan> Charlatan you can't use your butt as a server
<jseblan> it only has one port and it... it's occupied
<jseblan> I'm having horrifying images right now
* jseblan plunges head in bleach


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<IllFlower> "iOS developer Kaleb Butt noticed yet another feature" // must not make this guy the butt of a joke... must...