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<Fiora> is there such a thing as over-parmesaning anything?
<Fiora> that sounds impossible, like over-sushiing. or over-chocolating.
<IllFlower> "Sir, we accidentally put too much parmesan into the nuclear reactor."
<IllFlower> "How much did you put in there?"
<IllFlower> "About ten grams."
<IllFlower> "How much were you supposed to put in there?"
<IllFlower> "Uh... none, sir."
<IllFlower> "So what's going to happen?"
<IllFlower> "Well, the ship's going to have some exhaust problems for the next couple of hours..."
<IllFlower> "Goddammit, I *knew* I shouldn't have bought the lactose-intolerant engine."


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<Fiora> So like, if you mix us, you get a tasty lemonade?
<Fiora> So like, does this mean me/Illflower is called "lemonade" now
<IllFlower> Fanfiction has taught me to regard anything related to lemons with some skepticism!
<Fiora> ... good point :<
<Fiora> Um... limeade!
<ponicalica> Isn't lime also a pornographic fanfic genre?
<Fiora> ... I... wouldn't know ._.
<Nova> i think it's softcore, if i remember correctly
<kingCrackers> Lemons, limes, oranges.
<Nova> I don't think oranges are a term.
<Nitya> they are delicious, however.
<kingCrackers> If it's a citrus, it's got fucking.
<divert_time> what about tangerines, in that case?
<divert_time> or clementines?
<Nitya> Also delicious.
<ponicalica> those are the kinky stuff
<divert_time> grapefruit
<Fiora> Stop associating tasty fruits with porn >_<
<divert_time> I don't want to know what kind of fanfic grapefruits stand for
<Nova> hey, we haven't even gotten into apples yet
<Fiora> ahhhhhhhh ._.
<kingCrackers> Clearly there is a fanfic genre called beef.


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<Yayoi> Buttercupistiny: They are, but on the flip side making Fiora flustered enough to turn bright red is like filling up a shot glass with a fire hose.
<Nitya> Exactly!  It takes strength and finesse.
<Barcode> That's hard too, you'll just knock the glass off the table. Then it will empty (and break)
<ponicalica> With Buttercup it's slightly harder.  Like filling up a pint glass with a fire hose.
<Buttercupistiny> you would think he'd be on his best behavior considering I'm making him food when we go on our date, but here we are.
<Nitya> Presumably he's already resigned to your poisoning it.
<ponicalica> Buttercupistiny: I already know you plan on poisoning me, so I'm just en---DAMN YOU NITYA


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<Fiora> earlier today I was at the ralph's (kroger) and was in the frozen foods aisle
<Fiora> and there was literally a rack of godiva chocolates placed in front of the Lean Cuisine
<Fiora> they're horrible people


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<IllFlower> If you can't drink yourself into diabetic obesity with self-service soft drinks, you're clearly not at a real fast food joint.


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<jseblan> "Tropicana Essentials with Added Calcium and Vitamin D is an excellent source of Calcium and Vitamin D." NO SHIT SHERLOCK MY MIND IS BLOWN


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<Cultist> Well what do you stuff into things? Tofu-filled celery? Ridiculous.
<Cultist> And then.. you could stab the celery into a potato
<Barcodere> a chunk of tofu stuffed with jalapeño stuffed into a pumpkin
<Barcodere> pofuño


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<BonSequitur> Fondue is quite rich, yes.
<BonSequitur> But good fondue has a very sharp taste, as strong as any sharp cheese.
<BonSequitur> There's acidity and bit of pungency and even some meatiness. It's not like dipping your bread in a tub of lard.
<BonSequitur> Not that I oppose dipping things in lard on principle, but hey.
<BonSequitur> Things or people.


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<Cygan> My left hand fits in you
<Cygan> why not my right
<Cygan> oh
<Cygan> it does