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<Nitya> I did not know that you could do this to penises.
<Fiora> see, nitya, you'll become an expert in things that can be done to penises.
<Alicia> Been his dream for such a long time.
<Nitya> I'm already an expert in that, baby.
* Nitya winks


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<PorrimMaryam> do you
<PorrimMaryam> chickens are cute <3
<Puffin> don't go petting folks' chickens, Aon :|
<RocketDude> "Choking the chicken," am-ee-ree-tee
<Cosman246> what's this about?
<RocketDude> Nitya's chickens have gotten loose and Aon likes to pet their wattles.
<jseblan> is that a double-entendre
<PorrimMaryam> No it's not!
<RocketDude> Maybe. *Sniff* Maybe.
<PorrimMaryam> I'm not always a slut
<PorrimMaryam> Just
<PorrimMaryam> most of the time
<RocketDude> Plus, that would imply that Nitya has multiple penii, but given how he is about penii to blamspam...
<jseblan> that conversation is going the wrong way
<Nitya> PorrimMaryam: They run away from me.


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<bogo_lode> unless your books are all super obscure and you attempt to use them to make epeen points about how smrt you are
<Nitya> well some are kind of obscure but i'm not the peen type. let alone epeen, which would be a weird thing to show off in the real world
<Barcode> "I'm not the peen type" nitya's dating profile


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* Barcode[out] unfurls his age-peen
<Saladofstones> also saying unfurl and anytype of peen afterwards is just nasty
<Saladofstones> I just imagined this giant floppy worm thing coming out like one of those party fweezers
<Barcode[out]> Complete with the noise


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* Iverum reads Barcodes origin story and imagines the old meaning of dork.
<Nitya> Penis?
<Iverum> Penis.
<Barcode> I don't think anyone's penis has enough mass to break through even a window screen at thrown velocities
<Iverum> You've never seen mine.
<Barcode> also that would be tremendously bloody and great, mental images
<Nitya> Just get a bundle of penises, tied together.
<Nitya> Nobody said it was a human penis, anyway.
<JBridge> Penile defenestration.
<JBridge> Never thought I'd say that.
<Barcode> yes, well, you tell me how a canadian gets a hold of an elephant cock
<Nitya> Expertly?


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<Solstace> Tibetanfox: Seriously?  Who makes a 3 inch dildo?  It just doesn't make sense!
<Tibetanfox> Solstace: It's Japan. Start 'em young.
<Solstace> ....
<Solstace> That's terrible.
<Tibetanfox> And almost certain to end up on the quotes database.


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<Nitya> blamspam: you gonna pop up every time I mention penises?
<blamspam> nooo
<Nitya> you continue to deny the penis mojo
<blamspam> It's late enough that penises are officially the funniest thing ever
<blamspam> I'm laughing just thinking about it
<blamspam> oogly noogly penises
<blamspam> what would you do if your penis had a dolphin face on the end?
<Nitya> blamspam is very sensitive about her extreme penis girth