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<Puffin> also, I tried raw milk for the first time today. very tasty. go bribe a farmer and get some
<Haven> Sounds like a raw deal
<FTLIicia> That was udderly hilarious.
<Juan> what is wrong with you people
<FTLIicia> Everything.


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<Fiora> How to confuse an assexual: ask her endlessly about sex.
<Fiora> *asexual
<Fiora> Gah, sticky keys -_-
<IllFlower> "assexual" "sticky keys" brb, laughing
<Puffin> I'm an assexual
<Puffin> "ass" me anything
<Fiora> ahhghsdjfslkjdlasd
<Fiora> perverrrrts ._.
<Solstace> "assexual" is getting added to the libelous list.
<Fiora> IT IS JUST A TYPO >_>


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<blamspam> Pitbull is such a groin with cream. His face looks like white dick. He is such a bloody gay fucking bum <--people on Facebook are angry
<Puffin> are these native English speakers
<Puffin> 'groin with cream' sounds like something I'd see printed on a t-shirt in China


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<PorrimMaryam> do you
<PorrimMaryam> chickens are cute <3
<Puffin> don't go petting folks' chickens, Aon :|
<RocketDude> "Choking the chicken," am-ee-ree-tee
<Cosman246> what's this about?
<RocketDude> Nitya's chickens have gotten loose and Aon likes to pet their wattles.
<jseblan> is that a double-entendre
<PorrimMaryam> No it's not!
<RocketDude> Maybe. *Sniff* Maybe.
<PorrimMaryam> I'm not always a slut
<PorrimMaryam> Just
<PorrimMaryam> most of the time
<RocketDude> Plus, that would imply that Nitya has multiple penii, but given how he is about penii to blamspam...
<jseblan> that conversation is going the wrong way
<Nitya> PorrimMaryam: They run away from me.


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*** IIlFlower was kicked by IllFlower (You soil my reputation!)


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<Auk> you can pull an all-nighter with me
<Nitya> lab monkey!
<Auk> :(
<Auk> it's sad because it's true
<RocketDude> Lab Monkey like Fritos, Lab Monkey like Tab and Mountain Dew...


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<Nova> I have two beans in this pile.
<Nova> I have one bean in this pile.
<Nova> If I move this bean over to the pile with these beans, I now have no beans!
<CTrombley> Now you have three beans. You can take all the beans out!
<Puffin> one bean isn't a pile :V
<CTrombley> Why? Because you can take beans out in groups of threes.
<Nova> Sure I do. It's a pile, with one bean in it.
<Nova> It's also got other stuff, which is why it's a pile.
<Nova> Mainly sugar cubes, I believe.
<Nova> But we were counting beans, not sugar cubes.
<CTrombley> Thus if you have 7 beans, you have to leave 1. That is, 7=1 (mod 3).
<Nova> No, I have seven beans.
<CTrombley> You can take beans out in groups of threes, and you do. So there is one bean left,.
<Nova> Why would I do that? Then I barely have any beans.
<CTrombley> You do it because we are simulating modular arithmatic with beans and you want the simulation to work out.
<Nova> I thought I just wanted beans.


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<Nitya> what i'm getting out of that is that new leftists care more about aesthetics, such as marx's foretelling of Utena, than 3economics
<Myrmidon> Marx also predicted Garzey's Wing
<Nitya> marx's lack of understanding of akiocar was a major flaw that communism's never quite recovered from
<ponicalica> had zettai unmei mokushiroku been the national anthem of the soviet union, it wouldn't've collapsed
<Nitya> subs vs dubs was also the main impetus of the sino soviet split.
<taelor> that was just the second iteration of that particular dispute. The original was bolsheviks/mensheviks.
<Nitya> that was over whether the evangelion dub cast was good or not, specifically
<Nitya> the albanian split was over whether "nakama" should be translated in subs or not.
<taelor> Stalin had Trotsky assassinated because Leon said Josef's waifu was "shit tier".
<Puffin> y'all nerds


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<EnglishIvy> Keffiyehs are hideous.
<EnglishIvy> And anybody who wears one is a tool.
<JackMackerel> Even in sandstorms?
<JackMackerel> AND THE MIDDLE EAST~?
<Tseng> "middle east" should not be suffixed with a tilde
<GMH> ...if only.
<GMH> "Gaza is our land!"
<GMH> "No, Gaza is OURS!"
<Puffin> Gaza~n


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<Wallabu> @topic Girls free feel to answer I would like your personal intake
<Barcode> intake --> lmao
<jseblan> Barcode wants Wallabu's intake
<Barcode> see now you've gone and spawned an @ship