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<Kanade> they do say birds of the same feather fuck together
<Kanade> *flock
<Kanade> oh god damn it


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<Miyabi> I just made the weirdest typo ever.
<Miyabi> I was trying to get to facebook, and ended up typing "keanu reeves" instead.
<VerticalPig> Oh, that's like how every time I want to type "I have no life and I should be doing something else" I end up doing "/connect EsperNet; /j #yackfest"


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<Yayoi> I was reading the Wikipedia article on the Gregorian calendar yesterday and caught myself wondering why nobody could properly spell "solstace".
<Solstace> I'm telling you.  It's the dictionaries that're wrong.


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<Buttercupistiny> he stays awake as long as he can, crashes into a nap, cannot fall asleep, does not take melatonin and then gets frustrated when he cannot sleep
<Juan> sounds like quite the image of health, Buttercupistiny
<CentralAvenue> So like a month ago I randomly became obsessed with The Powerpuff Girls and now this obsession WON'T GO AWAY
<Buttercupistiny> I will beat him with plushies until he learns the value of the powerpuff girls
<Buttercupistiny> that is not what I meant to write
<Rig> No, I imagine not.
<Buttercupistiny> the value of taking his melatonin
<CentralAvenue> So once again, the poni is asleep, thanks to THE POWERPUFF GIRLS
<CentralAvenue> ...Actually with you being "Buttercup" that makes too much sense


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<ponicalica> StarGirl00: How are you today?
<StarGirl00> God


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<Fiora> How to confuse an assexual: ask her endlessly about sex.
<Fiora> *asexual
<Fiora> Gah, sticky keys -_-
<IllFlower> "assexual" "sticky keys" brb, laughing
<Puffin> I'm an assexual
<Puffin> "ass" me anything
<Fiora> ahhghsdjfslkjdlasd
<Fiora> perverrrrts ._.
<Solstace> "assexual" is getting added to the libelous list.
<Fiora> IT IS JUST A TYPO >_>


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<saladofstones> night alkthasgfvas
<saladofstones> gfagfa
<saladofstones> night
*** Alkthash has quit IRC
<saladofstones> fucking keyboard


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<ponicalica> that's because you and 0+α haven't been here much :P
<Ritsu> i have been here
<Ritsu> i'm just busty
<Ritsu> *busy
<Ritsu> ...
<Ritsu> WAT


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<Nyktos> computer is being a cunt, I need to log off for a sex
<Nyktos> *sec O_O


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<kingCrackers> Fiora is
<kingCrackers> Fuck
<Nova> wat
<Nova> no she's not
<Solstace> Fiora: You have been alleged with being "Fuck". How do you respond?
<Nitya> yeah, fiora isn't really very fuck at all
<Fiora> Um... I... I'm not "fuck" ... whatever that means!