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<ChancellorCosman> Ah! Serial Experiments Legend of Galactic Lucky Haruhi Azumanga Strawberry Rozen Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Imperial Fiora Pichi Pichi PitchmonHOLIC River Chronicles: Keikaku no Nekohime Gundam Complex Bebop Gurren Lagann Sailor BrotherhoodZ Nichijou R2.22 You Can (Not) Advance!!
<Alkthash> I see words. And I understand what they mean. But I have no idea what you folks are saying.
<ALI-18000> We're making the best anime ever, Alkthash.
<Alkthash> You're making people find incentives to find murderin' axes. 
<Alkthash> Have I fallen into an alternate universe where slang is just subtly off?
<Alkthash> LIke anybody else get that feeling of anti-deja vu?
<Alkthash> Where you wake up and everything feels subtly wrong and out of place during the day.
<Alkthash> And you keep thinking "was it always like that"
<Alkthash> And get the feeling you have stumbled into one of those shitty sci-fi alternate universes, where things are different?
<Alkthash> Like that is my feeling here folk.s
<Alkthash> You're making me wonder if I'm still on my earth.
<Alkthash> Nice normal earth 387
<Alkthash> Not that shithole that is earth 616.


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<Alicia> Touché.
<Picea> Truthché, Alicia.
<ponicalica> @topic dropping truthbombs left and right
<HederaHelix> What do truthbombs contain, truth? Or explosives?
<ponicalica> yes


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<Puffin> also, I tried raw milk for the first time today. very tasty. go bribe a farmer and get some
<Haven> Sounds like a raw deal
<FTLIicia> That was udderly hilarious.
<Juan> what is wrong with you people
<FTLIicia> Everything.


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<Nitya> I did not know that you could do this to penises.
<Fiora> see, nitya, you'll become an expert in things that can be done to penises.
<Alicia> Been his dream for such a long time.
<Nitya> I'm already an expert in that, baby.
* Nitya winks


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<Alkthash> And really, in the thousands of years their species have intermingled, no vampire has ever knocked up a human and they don't know what the offspring will be like?
<Lauren> At some point he her his his blood, apparently, to help.
<Barcodrawing> what


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<Dove> Back
<GuitarBizarre> Dove - Am I to assume you're Black Dove?
<lockon> 'lo dovey
<lockon> only one way to find out
<Dove> Yeah ALICE!
<Dove> Yes, I'm black Dove.
<Dove> There.