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<Nitya> find me an exploit to let you edit other people's favorite groups, i'll fill it with untranslated mandaean toho porn for you
<IllFlower> I, uh, is that a thing?
<Nitya> i dunno, maybe? touhou's pretty popular, right?
<Nitya> surely it has penetrated to rural iran.
<IllFlower> I Googled and found 40,900 results so I assume the answer is "yes."
<Nitya> likely.
<Nitya> the first two results are tvtropes.
<Nitya> i didn't ask for this.
<Nitya> actually i guess i did ask for this, because one of the tvtropes results is a forum post i made.
<Icon> lol.
<Icon> Current Nitya owned by Past Nitya


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<Fiora> ... okay, what the heck @_@
<Fiora> I just got summoned by a guy who refused to attack
<Fiora> he just sat there with his shield, expecting me to shoot
<Fiora> at some point we got double teamed and I was killed because he still refused to attack
<Fiora> I um.  I don't know what was going on there.
<Fiora> like he was an okay meatshield but  ?????
<Alicia> Probably just takes him aegis't'slash.
<Fiora> ALICIA


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[swapping Nintendo friend codes]
<jseblan> xxxx-xxxx-6699
<Alicia> Best last four digits.
<ponicalica> better than 6969?
<ponicalica> 6969 has *two* happy couples
<jseblan> yeah or you could consider that 6699 is an actual foursome while 6969 they're just each doing their own thing


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<IllFlower> I didn't know Hikari carried handcuffs on her.
<IllFlower> She must be into some kinky stuff.
<Alicia> Oh my God, IllFlower.
<Alicia> You have to be prepared, man.
<IllFlower> Because opportunities for bondage could come at any moment. Got it.
<Alicia> NOOOO.
<Alicia> They're... magical.
<Alicia> >:C
<ponicalica> Magical bondage.  Got it.
<Alicia> OH GOD DAMN IT.
<Alicia> Who cares as long as they're under control.
<Alicia> Wait. Damn it.
* Alicia just shuts up now.


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*** Charlatan has joined #yackfest
* Charlatan bonelessly morphs into channel
* Alicia morphlessly channels into bone.
<Nitya> both of those sound really pauinfujl
<Alicia> Not to goddesses.
<Alicia> Charlie is Charlie so probably not to him.
<Charlatan> IT IS A *GOOD* PAIN.
* Charlatan vomits forth a thousand eyeless rats
<Alicia> See, told you Nitya.


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<Alicia> I feel like I just realized how powerful underboob is


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<Alicia> Charlie has issues, okay. The only cures are Byakuren, violence, and drugs.
<Alicia> So he's basically a typical yackfester.


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<MachoManCharlySavage> Alicia
<Alicia> Yes?
<MachoManCharlySavage> Alicia!
<Alicia> Yeeeeeees?
<taelor> get a room, you two.
<MachoManCharlySavage> Alicia
<Alicia> Hi


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<Alicia> Fabulous moaning right here.


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<AliceTensei> I'm not even sure who Lisa Frank is, but whatever.
<Puffin> non-90s kid spotted
<AliceTensei> I'm not American!
<Alicia> Oh, so you're *definitely* not a 90s kid then?