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<Saladofstones> they did a striptease to lure out a god
<Lin_Chong> I've done that.
<Lin_Chong> The god didn't come.
<Saladofstones> thats because you're either not a virgin lin chong or not a miko
<Lin_Chong> I don't know what I am anymore.
<Saladofstones> if you're a virgin, call me, I'm totally a god
<Saladofstones> from nigeria
<Saladofstones> I need to distill your virginess to sell viagra overseas


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*** Lin_Chongy joined #yackfest
<Lin_Chongy> Lin Chongy? Good Lord, what am I, a rapper?
*** Lin_Chongy is now known as Lin_Chong
<VerticalPig> "LIN CHONGY IN DA HOOOOUUUUUUUUUSE! Just a kid from Shanghai, but my words, they don't lie..."


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<Fiora> So like, if you mix us, you get a tasty lemonade?
<Fiora> So like, does this mean me/Illflower is called "lemonade" now
<IllFlower> Fanfiction has taught me to regard anything related to lemons with some skepticism!
<Fiora> ... good point :<
<Fiora> Um... limeade!
<ponicalica> Isn't lime also a pornographic fanfic genre?
<Fiora> ... I... wouldn't know ._.
<Nova> i think it's softcore, if i remember correctly
<kingCrackers> Lemons, limes, oranges.
<Nova> I don't think oranges are a term.
<Nitya> they are delicious, however.
<kingCrackers> If it's a citrus, it's got fucking.
<divert_time> what about tangerines, in that case?
<divert_time> or clementines?
<Nitya> Also delicious.
<ponicalica> those are the kinky stuff
<divert_time> grapefruit
<Fiora> Stop associating tasty fruits with porn >_<
<divert_time> I don't want to know what kind of fanfic grapefruits stand for
<Nova> hey, we haven't even gotten into apples yet
<Fiora> ahhhhhhhh ._.
<kingCrackers> Clearly there is a fanfic genre called beef.


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* Barcathon throws Fiora like a football
<Buttercupistiny> HEY. OFF THE FIORA.
<kingCrackers> General ruffianism!
<Fiora> Eee-eeeep >____<
* Nitya catches Fiora, runs for the end zone
<Buttercupistiny> not off as in kill her please
* Nitya tackles kingCrackers unnecessarily on the way there
<Fiora> *phew*
<kingCrackers> Ow.
<Barcathon> how do you tackle someone while holding a football, Nitya, it's quiteh are
* Nitya reaches endzone!
<Fiora> I am not a football ;_;
<Fiora> I'm not THAT small!
<Nitya> YEAH-HOO!
* Nitya jumps, slams Fiora into ground in celebration!
<Buttercupistiny> D:
* Fiora dies
<Glowsquid> spousal abuse!
<Nitya> Seven points for team fuckyouall~!
<Fiora> I'm not a foooballllsldl
<Nitya> what, you're not a spouse, and you're not a football? what the hell /are/ you then
<Fiora> um I'm fiora
<Nitya> what's a fiora
<Fiora> me
<Nitya> Circular definition! Stack overflow!


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<Lin_Chong> Clearly all martial artists should learn the drums.
<zeroplusalpha> They should, actually, and the rhythm aspect is also very important.
<Lin_Chong> Imagine an entire mountain range, with line upon line upon line of bare-chested acolytes pounding their way into the morning light, their drumsticks cast from lead and their drums lined with tiger-skin.
<Lin_Chong> And in the temple below, all the masters take advantage of the glorious back-beat and rock out truly righteously.


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<kingCrackers> Fiora is
<kingCrackers> Fuck
<Nova> wat
<Nova> no she's not
<Solstace> Fiora: You have been alleged with being "Fuck". How do you respond?
<Nitya> yeah, fiora isn't really very fuck at all
<Fiora> Um... I... I'm not "fuck" ... whatever that means!


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<Lin_Chong> I hate legal homework.
<Lin_Chong> Fuck it.
<zeroplusalpha> Singapore is still English common law, with few eccentricities, yes?
<Lin_Chong> Yes.
<zeroplusalpha> Not a fan of trial without jury aspect, I have to say.
<Lin_Chong> That's bad.
<Lin_Chong> But what's getting me is the FUCKING CONTRACTS FUCK CONTRACTS FUCK FUCK FUCK
<Lin_Chong> ...sorry.
<Charlatan> /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\
<Lin_Chong> FUCK YOU TOO


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<Lin_Chong> Back from my older brother's surprise twenty-fourth.
<Barcode> "he just got older on us unexpectedly"
<Lin_Chong> It was pretty fun. Got to drink white wine and pear cider.
<Lin_Chong> When he was stunned in surprise, we got his girlfriend to take his wallet and phone out, as well as removed his shoes.
<Lin_Chong> And then we threw him in the pool.
<Lin_Chong> I called it a "baptism".
<Barcode> more fun than most baptisms
<Juan> baptisms ain't shit
<Juan> baptisms by fire on the other hand
<Barcode> yeah as a kid they just kind of dipped me in napalm
<jseblan> that explains so much


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<Solstace> ponicalica: >:||||||||
<Nitya> yeah, ponicalica, greater than colon series of pipes.
<HederaHelix> Uh oh, Solstace has eight mouths! Run!
<Lin_Chong> The crawling chaos.
<RocketDude> We always knew that Solstace was an abomination under that bishie skin
<Barcode> abishonenation
<Nitya> bishbomination.
<jseblan> From His eight mouth screams the End of Man, and it spews flames of great heat. The Solstace comes and with it our doom, and great music.


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<AlisaBannings>  This fucking feeling in my throat....WHO INVENTED ILLNESS!?!
<Lin_Chong> That would be Malaratron.
<Lin_Chong> Metatron's kid brother.
<Lin_Chong> Everybody told him that nepotism was a baaaaaaaaaaaaad idea, but did he listen? Nooooooooooooo.