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<JBridge> Anyone want to join me for Tribes?
<Barcodrawing> hnghrhhg
* Barcodrawing shakes
<Rig> Barcode is drawing you dicks.
<Rig> Wait, fuck.


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<Kanade> they do say birds of the same feather fuck together
<Kanade> *flock
<Kanade> oh god damn it


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<GMH> @g down for everyone or just me tv tropes
<Omnipresence> Google: Freud Was Right - Television Tropes & Idioms —
<GMH> fuck you
<GMH> i mean screw you
<GMH> i mean the hell with you
<GMH> fucking freud.
<GMH> i mean, that asshole, freud.
<GMH> i mean, that jackass, freud.


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<Fiora> How to confuse an assexual: ask her endlessly about sex.
<Fiora> *asexual
<Fiora> Gah, sticky keys -_-
<IllFlower> "assexual" "sticky keys" brb, laughing
<Puffin> I'm an assexual
<Puffin> "ass" me anything
<Fiora> ahhghsdjfslkjdlasd
<Fiora> perverrrrts ._.
<Solstace> "assexual" is getting added to the libelous list.
<Fiora> IT IS JUST A TYPO >_>


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<ponicalica> that's because you and 0+α haven't been here much :P
<Ritsu> i have been here
<Ritsu> i'm just busty
<Ritsu> *busy
<Ritsu> ...
<Ritsu> WAT


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<Nyktos> computer is being a cunt, I need to log off for a sex
<Nyktos> *sec O_O


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<Kirino> i still am not that versed in
<Kirino> stripping


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<Noimporta> OK, now that I know Bin Laden's death, there's no reason for me to stay alive...
<Noimporta> Awake, I mean, awake.
<Noimporta> So later.


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<LORd> Does anyone know of a girl with a customizable soundtrack, actually?
<Barcode> a girl?
<LORd> ...
<LORd> *game
<LORd> fuck you ponicalica this is totally your fault
<ponicalica> only Buttercup gets to fuck me, sorry


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<Nitya> my dong is six feet deep.