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<blamspam> Pitbull is such a groin with cream. His face looks like white dick. He is such a bloody gay fucking bum <--people on Facebook are angry
<Puffin> are these native English speakers
<Puffin> 'groin with cream' sounds like something I'd see printed on a t-shirt in China


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<AliceTensei> Oddly, this torrent also has the OSTs.
<Barcode> Orbital Shock Troopers.
<AliceTensei> Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaka.
<AliceTensei> ...Actually, Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakode.
<Barcode> That just sounds like your british accent shining through!
<RocketDude> Or some drawn-out Boston pronunciation
<RocketDude> Pahk the Bahkode at Hahvahd Yahd


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<IllFlower> Fioraを二次元女体化!『服はプラグスーツで、ノーマルな目で赤髪のセミロングのサイドポニーでエロエロで悪女な感じ』のようだ // "Wearing a plugsuit [ha], with normal eyes and semi-long red hair in a side ponytail. A seductive, femme fatale kind of aura."
<Jack> so fiora is uh, asuka in a ponytail
<Solstace> Fiora: Marry me.