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<Myrmidon> "HP Lovecraft's greatest achievement is making sure every idiot says/posts "Cthulhu!" whenever an exotic sea creature picture gets posted."
<Nitya> thus destroying mankind's knowledge of sea life - and he detested sea life
<Nitya> well played mister craft
<Saladofstones> My problem is that everyone only says Cthulu
<Saladofstones> there were other cosmic horrors, such as the librarians who transcended space and time and abducted people and made them write in books
<Saladofstones> proving Lovecraft hated books
<Saladofstones> which is why he only wrote in magazines


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<Nitya> "Pitches film where Scarlett Johansson uses 100% of her genome at once"
<Myrdradek> She already does amiright guys
* Myrdradek opens a beer can with his nose
<Nitya> is that... a sex joke? i'm not sure.


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<Juan> @more
<Omnipresence> Juan: Spider-Girl.
<Juan> grrr
<Myrmirond> If you really want @more, scream it out louder, if you on the floor, bring out the fire, And light it up, take it up higher, Gonna push it to the limit, give it @more. 
<RocketDude> In the midnight call, she cried "@more, @more, @more!" With a rebel yell, she cried "@more, @more, @more!"


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<Nitya> what i'm getting out of that is that new leftists care more about aesthetics, such as marx's foretelling of Utena, than 3economics
<Myrmidon> Marx also predicted Garzey's Wing
<Nitya> marx's lack of understanding of akiocar was a major flaw that communism's never quite recovered from
<ponicalica> had zettai unmei mokushiroku been the national anthem of the soviet union, it wouldn't've collapsed
<Nitya> subs vs dubs was also the main impetus of the sino soviet split.
<taelor> that was just the second iteration of that particular dispute. The original was bolsheviks/mensheviks.
<Nitya> that was over whether the evangelion dub cast was good or not, specifically
<Nitya> the albanian split was over whether "nakama" should be translated in subs or not.
<taelor> Stalin had Trotsky assassinated because Leon said Josef's waifu was "shit tier".
<Puffin> y'all nerds


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<Lin_Chong> The hell are bugs supposed to do?
<Nitya> bugs aren't supposed to do anything. the world is meaningless and directionless. they can only live or die, verbs we have attached to their states we see.
<Myrmidon> Bugs do bug things
<Lin_Chong> Well someone's been drinking from the existential well again.
<Lin_Chong> Or did you drink from the Well of Despair?
<Nitya> i drank from the well of annoying quantum homework
<Lin_Chong> Understandable. My apologies.


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<Myrdradek> Let me tell you about running as fast as you can and staying still: The Myrdradek story
<Nitya> oh, good that you got a working treadmill
<Barcode> ^
<ponicalica> ^
<Section42L> ^


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<Myrdradek> I just helped a pregnant alleyway give birth
<Myrdradek> Planescape Torment is a good game


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<Myrdradek> So something I've learned from philosophy and marxist twitter
<Myrdradek> Is that whenever people start using the words "concrete" and "material" they are about to throw a fuckton of abstraction at you


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<Myrdradek> I had a dream someone on #yackfest wanted to know if, historically, it was accurate that cowboys fucked holes in the ground
<Haruspex> what did we conclude
<Alicia> Sorry I asked man
<Rig> I’ve never heard of that.
<Rig> But I want to know if that’s accurate.
<Haruspex> shit what if we're in mydradek's dream right n
<Alicia> oh man
<Myrdradek> Google is inconclusive
<JBridge> Myrdradek: There's like two recorded instances of it. I can't find the sources right now, though.
<Myrdradek> o_o
<Alicia> Thank you based JBridge.
<JBridge> You're welcome.


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< Myrmidon> It's not as romatic
< Myrmidon> Daisy daisy
< Myrmidon> give me your answer do
< Myrmidon> I'm half crazy
< Myrmidon> All for the love of you
* Gibberish unplugs Myrmidon 
< Myrmidon> It won't be sttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
< Myrmidon> sjfdspfk
< Myrmidon> f
< Gibberish> XD
-!- Myrmidon has quit
< Gibberish> er