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<ChancellorCosman> Ah! Serial Experiments Legend of Galactic Lucky Haruhi Azumanga Strawberry Rozen Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Imperial Fiora Pichi Pichi PitchmonHOLIC River Chronicles: Keikaku no Nekohime Gundam Complex Bebop Gurren Lagann Sailor BrotherhoodZ Nichijou R2.22 You Can (Not) Advance!!
<Alkthash> I see words. And I understand what they mean. But I have no idea what you folks are saying.
<ALI-18000> We're making the best anime ever, Alkthash.
<Alkthash> You're making people find incentives to find murderin' axes. 
<Alkthash> Have I fallen into an alternate universe where slang is just subtly off?
<Alkthash> LIke anybody else get that feeling of anti-deja vu?
<Alkthash> Where you wake up and everything feels subtly wrong and out of place during the day.
<Alkthash> And you keep thinking "was it always like that"
<Alkthash> And get the feeling you have stumbled into one of those shitty sci-fi alternate universes, where things are different?
<Alkthash> Like that is my feeling here folk.s
<Alkthash> You're making me wonder if I'm still on my earth.
<Alkthash> Nice normal earth 387
<Alkthash> Not that shithole that is earth 616.


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<AliceTensei> "I sort of forget that Lightning has pink hair and how or when my brain began to process that as a legit color in an otherwise normal design. " The curse of video games: Thinking colours like green are perfectly normal for hair.
<ponicalica> Dude, my sister had green hair for a while.
<ponicalica> (Of course, she dyed it, but...)
<AliceTensei> But not naturally, one would hope. :|
<ponicalica> No, of course not naturally.
<IllFlower> hahahaha, it is now fact that ponicalica lives in some kind of anime family


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<IllFlower> wise uncle zeroplusalpha, who is also occasionally a mean uncle
<zeroplusalpha> Is there any other kind of uncle?
<ponicalica> creepy uncle
<zeroplusalpha> OK, apart from that one.
<IllFlower> he's got a bit of that too *cough*moe anime*cough*
<zeroplusalpha> Oi.
<zeroplusalpha> I have at *least* two more years before my anime folder puts me on government watchlists.


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<zeroplusalpha> "Let x denote the lack of understanding demonstrated by zpa. Let y be the function of discussion by IRC. Deriving t = time from (x1, y1), how long will it take before zpa watches some moe anime instead?


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<BarcoProxy> it hurts me to say this but it might be possible that after this is done I will have to say of evangelion "at least it wasn't ergo proxy"
<Nitya> you have the weirdest standards.
<BarcoProxy> my standards are "looks cool and makes sense" but nothing fits both of them!
* BarcoProxy buries his head in his hands.
* Nitya pats BarcoProxy on the shoulder before starting to speak an old french poem about sex in backwards hebrew
* BarcoProxy screams.


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<Nitya> what i'm getting out of that is that new leftists care more about aesthetics, such as marx's foretelling of Utena, than 3economics
<Myrmidon> Marx also predicted Garzey's Wing
<Nitya> marx's lack of understanding of akiocar was a major flaw that communism's never quite recovered from
<ponicalica> had zettai unmei mokushiroku been the national anthem of the soviet union, it wouldn't've collapsed
<Nitya> subs vs dubs was also the main impetus of the sino soviet split.
<taelor> that was just the second iteration of that particular dispute. The original was bolsheviks/mensheviks.
<Nitya> that was over whether the evangelion dub cast was good or not, specifically
<Nitya> the albanian split was over whether "nakama" should be translated in subs or not.
<taelor> Stalin had Trotsky assassinated because Leon said Josef's waifu was "shit tier".
<Puffin> y'all nerds


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<Alkthash> football is like a shonen anime. It has tones of filler and rarely goes anywhere.
<Alkthash> And everybody starts to blur together eventually.
<Alkthash> And the fans go apeshit over it.


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<BGTB2005> So I'm watching a show that Subaru and Gainax were involved with
<RocketDude> Subaru?
<Barcode> Subaru the car company?
<BGTB2005> Yes
<Nitya> top gear, eva edition
<Barcode> "Subaru runs into Aoi at a bus shelter, where they make up with each other. " uh oh
<Nitya> I'm so sorry for hurting you, Aoi-chan. Can I make it up to you with the SUBARU ULTIMATE CAR CHAMPIONSHIP CONTEST 2011??


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<n> uh.
<ColorPrinter> sounds about right
<reyendo> so cute.
<JackMackerel> I'm fucking having heart attacks
<HederaHelix> That tumblr scares me.
<ColorPrinter> sharks are so fucking tsundere
<ColorPrinter> the uguu~ terror of the ocean


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<Saladofstones> Someone got the prime minister to say this
<JBridge> ...How the fuck did this happen?
<Saladofstones> money and something to do with abraham lincoln's picture
<JBridge> I'm going to need more context.
<Saladofstones> its all I know
<Barcode> imagine this exchange as a noir where the detective goes to an informant