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<Saladofstones> well it might be cool to say I studied in Cuba but I doubt that could work for my major
<Juan> but what if
<Juan> you KILL CASTRO during your tenure as a cuban international student
<Juan> what if that
<Saladofstones> holy fuck I'd be the director of the FBI for life
<Saladofstones> I'd probably get my own private guantanamo
<Juan> Saladanamo
<Saladofstones> Prepare to get stoned
<Juan> "We combine our war crimes with our stones to give you a fine torture experience"


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<Saladofstones> seems like they were worried about having a maoist revolution of some sorts
<Saladofstones> there are too many isms in communism
<Saladofstones> we need a new proletariat revolution and combine all the isms into one big ism
<Saladofstones> we shall call it the great ism, and it shall be glorious


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<Reyendo> You must be a rapist.
<Reyendo> You rapist.
<Reyendo> and a communist.
<Reyendo> a rapist-communist.
<Electivirus> Rapunist.
<Reyendo> So, you rape while espousing marxist values?
<Reyendo> Or do you marx while espousing rapist values?
<TibetanFox> Hey, the communist bit is all you, Comrade.
<TibetanFox> Now put on this Ushanka and bend over.


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<Nitya> but pink is (nearly) the color of communism, comfrade!
<RocketDude> @Barcode: Oh yeah, how does that zoom level config work? Like, can you still use the scroll wheel for switching weapons?
<saladofstones> gay communism?
<saladofstones> I wonder if you have marxist-feminist critiques
<RocketDude> No, gay communism does not help with sniping.
<Nitya> marxist feminism exists, sure.
<ColorPrinter> I come back and the topic is gay communism
<ColorPrinter> alright


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<Nitya> what i'm getting out of that is that new leftists care more about aesthetics, such as marx's foretelling of Utena, than 3economics
<Myrmidon> Marx also predicted Garzey's Wing
<Nitya> marx's lack of understanding of akiocar was a major flaw that communism's never quite recovered from
<ponicalica> had zettai unmei mokushiroku been the national anthem of the soviet union, it wouldn't've collapsed
<Nitya> subs vs dubs was also the main impetus of the sino soviet split.
<taelor> that was just the second iteration of that particular dispute. The original was bolsheviks/mensheviks.
<Nitya> that was over whether the evangelion dub cast was good or not, specifically
<Nitya> the albanian split was over whether "nakama" should be translated in subs or not.
<taelor> Stalin had Trotsky assassinated because Leon said Josef's waifu was "shit tier".
<Puffin> y'all nerds