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<Nova> I have two beans in this pile.
<Nova> I have one bean in this pile.
<Nova> If I move this bean over to the pile with these beans, I now have no beans!
<CTrombley> Now you have three beans. You can take all the beans out!
<Puffin> one bean isn't a pile :V
<CTrombley> Why? Because you can take beans out in groups of threes.
<Nova> Sure I do. It's a pile, with one bean in it.
<Nova> It's also got other stuff, which is why it's a pile.
<Nova> Mainly sugar cubes, I believe.
<Nova> But we were counting beans, not sugar cubes.
<CTrombley> Thus if you have 7 beans, you have to leave 1. That is, 7=1 (mod 3).
<Nova> No, I have seven beans.
<CTrombley> You can take beans out in groups of threes, and you do. So there is one bean left,.
<Nova> Why would I do that? Then I barely have any beans.
<CTrombley> You do it because we are simulating modular arithmatic with beans and you want the simulation to work out.
<Nova> I thought I just wanted beans.