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<divert_time> Death is the everyday girl everyone wants to see when they die. Of course she gets boring if you have too much of her
<Haven> But people are just dying to see her
<Juan> I never could have dreamed of you making such an awful pun, Haven. Although I think you were destined to do it
<Haven> As if you didn't desire it.
<Juan> I am in the deppest despair at the thought
<SpruceZeus> jesus christ enough puns, i'm getting delirious here
<Juan> they are the endless puns


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<Puffin> also, I tried raw milk for the first time today. very tasty. go bribe a farmer and get some
<Haven> Sounds like a raw deal
<FTLIicia> That was udderly hilarious.
<Juan> what is wrong with you people
<FTLIicia> Everything.


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<Brbcode> Making puns is the sport of kings.
<Natsuki> In that case, I advocate regicide.


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<Fiora> maybe it'll be ogre when they don't feel like making asses of themselves anymore?
<Fiora> </stretched pun>
<SpruceZeus> ...wait, when did Shrek become a series of horror films
<SpruceZeus> ^^ahahaha
<SpruceZeus> thats awfully catty of you, Fiora 
<SpruceZeus> ...but i think i'm just dragon this out, now
<SpruceZeus> ...yeah, i think a fourth shrek movie is definitely ogredoing it
<SpruceZeus> i mean, they're practically swamping us in these
<Barcode> </stretched pun> --> looks at "asses"
<SpruceZeus> X____X


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<JBridge> So, my parents are on this really strict diet.
<JBridge> The only kind of bread they can eat is that untasty kind.
<JBridge> Not wheat, but some grain.
<Barcodecoterrorist> Pseudowholegrain?
<JBridge> I think I remember they were talking about Control, Commitment, Concentration, and a bunch of other stuff.
<Barcodecoterrorist> how about Don't Drink Soda, Don't Eat Dessert, Don't Eat Too Much, And Exercise
<JBridge> I think it was the Seven Cs of Rye.
<Barcodecoterrorist> seven.
<JBridge> Yes, that was all for the pun.
<Barcodecoterrorist> too much effort
<JBridge> Maybe.
<Barcodecoterrorist> well let's hear all the seas, then.
<Omnipresence> URL: [] YouTube - ‪The Seven Seas Of Rhye by Queen with lyrics‬‏
<Barcodecoterrorist> wait
<Barcodecoterrorist> ERROR: Too much meta. (2097)


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<IllFlower> There'll be the original Charlatan, and then there'll be Charla-tan, your cute moe anthropomorphism. Also Char-latan, purveyor of branded grilling products.


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<Cry> rrrrrgh people older than me acting like children
<Barcodaway> Far Cry
<Barcodaway> Crysis
<Barcodaway> Crytek
<Barcodaway> CryEngine, Cryogenic Something Or Other
<Cry> duh duh dah
<Barcodaway> Cry:  Havoc, and let slip the dogs of war
<Cry> gaaaaah
<JackMackerel> Booooo
<JackMackerel> get off the stage
<Barcodaway> See how they run like pigs from a gun see how they fly
<Barcodaway> I'm Crying


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<Fiora> Jokes about ballistics are just so derivative.
<Fiora> These puns are accelerating in terribleness.
<saladofstones> that's beautiful Fiora, I think
<saladofstones> I need to turn it into a message about not going ballistic, though
<Fiora> (Sorry, calculus puns are obligatory!)
<GMH> Calculus puns are integral to every collection of nerdy puns.
<zeroplusalpha> I can't really differentiate between them, I'm terrible at maths.
<Fiora> I think I'm reaching my limits >_<
<Fiora> I don't think these puns can remain continuous for long.  Soon they're going to have to leave our domain.
<Juan> oh god i don't know math and yet these puns are hurting me
<GMH> That's a very clear sine of their power.
<Fiora> Don't go off on a tangent!
<Juan> You seem to be going in a tan...seriously
<Fiora> I liked the angle we had going there.
<zeroplusalpha> I would choose to not remain in this locus.
<Juan> It was quite acute angle, indeed
<GMH> You're just being obtuse.
<GMH> These puns are the right way to do things.
<Fiora> I'm not sure it's a real good idea; they can get pretty complex!
<Fiora> But I guess my fears might be imaginary.
<zeroplusalpha> You never know, the inverse might be true: they could be friendly.
<GMH> On secant thought, they might not.
<FlyingChaucer> You guys are in-sine
<zeroplusalpha> Opinion is divided on that.
<GMH> Our irrationality seems to be driving some people away.
<Fiora> Maybe the puns would be better if they were more natural?
<Fiora> Some of them are too negative.
<FlyingChaucer> at least we're real :V
<GMH> They're just adding to my amusement.
<zeroplusalpha> This is becoming exponentially sillier.
<Fiora> I think we should log some of these for later review.
<Fiora> I mean, it's only natural.
<Fiora> Then, I can eeeeeeee~ over them later!
<GMH> That's not a common idea at all.
<FlyingChaucer> that was a well-calculated move
<Fiora> It is the base of the idea, after all!


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<Buttercupistiny> DOODLEBUG
<Haven|SerendipityGospels> School story, bro


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<Arha> Titillation: Like ventilation, only with tits