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<RocketDude> Like Juan, I cannot be shipped with anyone, for I lack the same interest in math
<Haven> inb4 JuanCarlos/RocketDude
<JuanCarlos> no shut up
<JuanCarlos> go away
<RocketDude> NO
<Haven> Guys, I -said- inb4
<Haven> that makes everything okay.
<JuanCarlos> no it doesn't
<JuanCarlos> inb4 dicknipples
<JuanCarlos> see? not ok, bro
<RocketDude> @Haven: No, by mentioning it, you make it happen
<IllFlower> JuanCarlos, it's been decided. You've been shipped with Haven. And dicknipples.


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<divert_time> Death is the everyday girl everyone wants to see when they die. Of course she gets boring if you have too much of her
<Haven> But people are just dying to see her
<Juan> I never could have dreamed of you making such an awful pun, Haven. Although I think you were destined to do it
<Haven> As if you didn't desire it.
<Juan> I am in the deppest despair at the thought
<SpruceZeus> jesus christ enough puns, i'm getting delirious here
<Juan> they are the endless puns


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<JuanCarlos> no fuck you, jseblan, i'm fucking clint eastwood and there's nothing you guys can do about it
<Haven> he's on top right


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<Puffin> also, I tried raw milk for the first time today. very tasty. go bribe a farmer and get some
<Haven> Sounds like a raw deal
<FTLIicia> That was udderly hilarious.
<Juan> what is wrong with you people
<FTLIicia> Everything.


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<Nova> Evangelion yuri, obviously
<Haven> *bursts in through the wall kool aid man style*


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* Haven crashes in through a window
<Haven> Ahoy!
<sgrunt> Haven, where did you learn to make a stealthy entrance?
<Haven> From L, of course


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<Buttercupistiny> DOODLEBUG
<Haven|SerendipityGospels> School story, bro


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<Charlatan> @topic Dark Soles II - Prepare Toe Die
<Haven> bet sprucezeus’ll get a kick out of that
<Charlatan> ..........*slow clap*
<Medicine> Make all the puns you want, just be sure not to put your foot in your mouth.


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<Barcode[WoT]> but what this amounts to is "my german tanks are coated in asbestos"
<Barcode[WoT]> coated in gasoline*
<RocketDude> Gasbestos
<RocketDude> It's useless
<Barcode[WoT]>  Bestbestos.
<Interrobangven> Asworstos


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<Saladofstones> there was a saga of mendel and anne frank becoming a couple
<Haven> that's allele too much to handle