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<zeroplusalpha> "Let x denote the lack of understanding demonstrated by zpa. Let y be the function of discussion by IRC. Deriving t = time from (x1, y1), how long will it take before zpa watches some moe anime instead?


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<qazwsx> I'm multiplying average penis length by the male population, getting a figure for the total length of all human penises
<qazwsx> Then dividing by the circumference of the earth
<saladofstones> but
<saladofstones> are we factoring circumcision into this


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<Nova> I have two beans in this pile.
<Nova> I have one bean in this pile.
<Nova> If I move this bean over to the pile with these beans, I now have no beans!
<CTrombley> Now you have three beans. You can take all the beans out!
<Puffin> one bean isn't a pile :V
<CTrombley> Why? Because you can take beans out in groups of threes.
<Nova> Sure I do. It's a pile, with one bean in it.
<Nova> It's also got other stuff, which is why it's a pile.
<Nova> Mainly sugar cubes, I believe.
<Nova> But we were counting beans, not sugar cubes.
<CTrombley> Thus if you have 7 beans, you have to leave 1. That is, 7=1 (mod 3).
<Nova> No, I have seven beans.
<CTrombley> You can take beans out in groups of threes, and you do. So there is one bean left,.
<Nova> Why would I do that? Then I barely have any beans.
<CTrombley> You do it because we are simulating modular arithmatic with beans and you want the simulation to work out.
<Nova> I thought I just wanted beans.


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<Fiora> Jokes about ballistics are just so derivative.
<Fiora> These puns are accelerating in terribleness.
<saladofstones> that's beautiful Fiora, I think
<saladofstones> I need to turn it into a message about not going ballistic, though
<Fiora> (Sorry, calculus puns are obligatory!)
<GMH> Calculus puns are integral to every collection of nerdy puns.
<zeroplusalpha> I can't really differentiate between them, I'm terrible at maths.
<Fiora> I think I'm reaching my limits >_<
<Fiora> I don't think these puns can remain continuous for long.  Soon they're going to have to leave our domain.
<Juan> oh god i don't know math and yet these puns are hurting me
<GMH> That's a very clear sine of their power.
<Fiora> Don't go off on a tangent!
<Juan> You seem to be going in a tan...seriously
<Fiora> I liked the angle we had going there.
<zeroplusalpha> I would choose to not remain in this locus.
<Juan> It was quite acute angle, indeed
<GMH> You're just being obtuse.
<GMH> These puns are the right way to do things.
<Fiora> I'm not sure it's a real good idea; they can get pretty complex!
<Fiora> But I guess my fears might be imaginary.
<zeroplusalpha> You never know, the inverse might be true: they could be friendly.
<GMH> On secant thought, they might not.
<FlyingChaucer> You guys are in-sine
<zeroplusalpha> Opinion is divided on that.
<GMH> Our irrationality seems to be driving some people away.
<Fiora> Maybe the puns would be better if they were more natural?
<Fiora> Some of them are too negative.
<FlyingChaucer> at least we're real :V
<GMH> They're just adding to my amusement.
<zeroplusalpha> This is becoming exponentially sillier.
<Fiora> I think we should log some of these for later review.
<Fiora> I mean, it's only natural.
<Fiora> Then, I can eeeeeeee~ over them later!
<GMH> That's not a common idea at all.
<FlyingChaucer> that was a well-calculated move
<Fiora> It is the base of the idea, after all!


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<Yume> the more i stare at this gaussian curve 
<Yume> the more i imagine it to be a really fat penis


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<Fiora> Nitya-chamaaaaa, your math skills are sugoi~ tell me about complexity theory!


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<IllFlower> No, I'm just saying, Danbooru has about Avogadro's number breast tags for a reason.
<Barcodrawing> 1boob 2boobs multiple_boobs boobs_only
<RocketDude> all_the_boobs?
<Barcodrawing> we can't ever assume that all boobs are contained within one picture.
<RocketDude> Unless it was a fractal boob or something.
<IllFlower> That sounds excruciatingly painful.
<IllFlower> I don't want to think about breasts with a technically infinite surface area.
<Nitya> gabriel's horn boobs
<Nitya> think about it
<IllFlower> Madonna, eat your heart out?


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* Yuanchosaan blinks
<Yuanchosaan> I must be tired. I read the "Comics" subforum as "Conics", and spent a few seconds wondering when we had decided to devote an entire board to mathematics.


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<Iverum> Jackerel and Tze's child would talk about raping the incompleteness theorem.
<Iron> Fun
<Korenizer> That is not hot at all! :(
<Iverum> No one would ever finish.
<Korenizer> ...
<Iverum> I'm sorry.
<JackMackerel> Korenizer: To you, it isn't. >:|
<Korenizer> yeah, don't sternface me for not finding my own rapist child sexually appealing, sirrah.
<JackMackerel> >:C then
<Alicia> Dat's messed up.
<Iverum> You two are so adorable.
<Iverum> Of course, your psychopathic rape baby isn't.
<Korenizer> that is not what "adorable" means
<Alicia> Hahaha.
<Iverum> @define adorable
<Omnipresence> Iverum: Wolfram|Alpha: Input interpretation: adorable  (English word) | definition — Result: adjective | lovable especially in a childlike or naive way
<JackMackerel> It's moe in Japan!
<Iverum> Yeah, lovable in a naive way.
<Iverum> That works.