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<Juan> @more
<Omnipresence> Juan: Spider-Girl.
<Juan> grrr
<Myrmirond> If you really want @more, scream it out louder, if you on the floor, bring out the fire, And light it up, take it up higher, Gonna push it to the limit, give it @more. 
<RocketDude> In the midnight call, she cried "@more, @more, @more!" With a rebel yell, she cried "@more, @more, @more!"


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<Nitya> some dude in his garage in minnesota writing a book on how to arm your car with lasers
<Barcode> fast and the furious, but insteadof street racing they'r trying to burn holes through each other's cars
<RocketDude> [Rap music playing, lasers intensify]


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<TibetanFox> What's this about yackfest moving?
<Nitya> We're moving to a circa 1987 Unix network for backwards compatibility and futanari reasons.
<RocketDude> Futas of '87?
<Nitya> The hit independent porn film, yes


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<AliceTensei> Oddly, this torrent also has the OSTs.
<Barcode> Orbital Shock Troopers.
<AliceTensei> Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaka.
<AliceTensei> ...Actually, Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakode.
<Barcode> That just sounds like your british accent shining through!
<RocketDude> Or some drawn-out Boston pronunciation
<RocketDude> Pahk the Bahkode at Hahvahd Yahd


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<IllFlower> "It sucks MCA died but I don't understand why people are so upset. He'll be headlining a concert with Tupac before you know it." // it hurts to laugh
<Charlatan> Hatsune Miku now guards the pearly gates.
<RocketDude> That's a frightening image.
<Charlatan> All weeaboos go to Heaven?
<HederaHelix> Miku would've needed to have been alive for that to happen, according to most interpretations
<Charlatan> uh uh uh she's the voice of the Metatron yeah that's it


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<Auk> you can pull an all-nighter with me
<Nitya> lab monkey!
<Auk> :(
<Auk> it's sad because it's true
<RocketDude> Lab Monkey like Fritos, Lab Monkey like Tab and Mountain Dew...


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<Nitya> .decide listen to shitty pop via youtube | listen to shitty pop via nightmares beamed into your mind from things beyond existence
<RocketDude> Granted, YouTube is probably a better medium than the latter
<Nitya> You'd be surprised!  The reception is usually pretty great.
<JuanC> RocketDude: you clearly haven't use Things Beyond Existence's services. I tell you, man, they're about be as big as YT is
<Nitya> Only once the stars are right again. Then we will dance through the ruined halls of Tsochari to the mad theremin of Commisar Schilling, as has our ancestors on Xoth once did
<IllFlower> I hate the advertisements, though. They really went downhill when they started reading your mind to sell you things.


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<Barcode> Finally! Success in video games, once more!
<Nitya> How many points?
<Barcode> On the contrary, my team and I bested another team in the ring of honour.
<RocketDude> But what did you do with the fight money?
<AliceTensei> Cocaine and prostitutes, clearly.
<Barcode> the stereotypical answer owuld have been: battlemechs
<jseblan> Cocaine and mechs with boobs and STDs, then
<RocketDude> At least he didn't buy two of every animal on earth.
<AliceTensei> That is a horrifying mental image.
<RocketDude> Or two of every boat on earth
<AliceTensei> Two of every mech.
<RocketDude> And then he herded them onto a dropship, and then he beat the crap out of every single one
<AliceTensei> With a feather duster?
<RocketDude> ...Ten pints of Stella and a dollop of chlamydia.
<AliceTensei> Anyone who drinks Stella should be shot on sight. With an anti-tank rifle.
<jseblan> we managed to mix together in one conversation Battletech, Team Fortress 2, alcohol, STDs, prostitution and drugs. I am crying right now.


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<Barcode> for a second I thought ThatDrunkWoman was Fiora
<Buttercupistiny> Oh god, Doodlebug, what are you doing in channel
<RocketDude> I think it might be Aon
<RocketDude> But that raises too many questions
<ThatDrunkWoman> I am existing
<ponicalica> it actually is Aondeug
<ThatDrunkWoman> hush
<Nitya> A Tribute to That Dead Person, Through Crossdressing
<ponicalica> except Nitya is probably too big for Aondeug's skirts
<Nitya> I'll slim down. anything for art
<ponicalica> she's like a foot shorter than you
<Nitya> I could crouch!
<Nitya> or I could make like
<Nitya> I could get Barcode to wear them, he's probably short
<RocketDude> I can't imagine a scenario where Barcode will have to go into drag
<Nitya> in the event aondeug dies, we will celebrate her death by dressing you up in her skirts and taking photos of you with her plushies, barcode.


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<Fiora> A bra that encourages bouncing and jiggling doesn't sound like it's doing a very good job as a bra >_>
<Barcode[MWLLsetup]> No no no, yo usee, it stops said jiggling by absorbing the energy like a normal braw, but it converts it into electricity instead of-
* Barcode[MWLLsetup] wonders if it's Heat
<Fiora> So it's basically a sports bra hooked up to a generator of some sort?
<Barcode[MWLLsetup]> I'm assuming so.
<RocketDude> So, it's a shock absorber for boobs. Got it.