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<Barcode> Finally! Success in video games, once more!
<Nitya> How many points?
<Barcode> On the contrary, my team and I bested another team in the ring of honour.
<RocketDude> But what did you do with the fight money?
<AliceTensei> Cocaine and prostitutes, clearly.
<Barcode> the stereotypical answer owuld have been: battlemechs
<jseblan> Cocaine and mechs with boobs and STDs, then
<RocketDude> At least he didn't buy two of every animal on earth.
<AliceTensei> That is a horrifying mental image.
<RocketDude> Or two of every boat on earth
<AliceTensei> Two of every mech.
<RocketDude> And then he herded them onto a dropship, and then he beat the crap out of every single one
<AliceTensei> With a feather duster?
<RocketDude> ...Ten pints of Stella and a dollop of chlamydia.
<AliceTensei> Anyone who drinks Stella should be shot on sight. With an anti-tank rifle.
<jseblan> we managed to mix together in one conversation Battletech, Team Fortress 2, alcohol, STDs, prostitution and drugs. I am crying right now.


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<Barcode> Penguin asked for a book recommendation, RocketDude suggested a battletech novel (?????) that had Vietnam parallels, JBridge didn't understand one of the parallels, saladofstones started talking about it because that's his job~


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<Charlatan> Which variant of the Atlas is the kung fu one again?
<AliceTensei> did i read kung fu as king of spain
<AliceTensei> how
<AliceTensei> @g the king of spain was a mech pilot
<Omnipresence> AliceTensei: Google: Instant Awesome, Just Add Ninja - Television Tropes & Idioms: While Hughes Gouli is usually just an ordinary mecha pilot in Overman King Gainer he occasionally awesome puts on his ninja suit... —
<AliceTensei> ....................
<Barmoured_code_V> Sounds about right, AliceTensei
<Charlatan> i think i have an idea for a game now


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<Barcode> in the directino of matt
<RocketDude> Directino, the last Bloodname of the unpopular Clan Mafioso