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<JackMackerel> @yt hookers and blow party
<Omnipresence> JackMackerel: YouTube: (1/25) — Hookers and Blow: Welcome to the Republican Convention — 19892 views (+2923 more characters)
<JackMackerel> ....That works, too.


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<Nitya> .decide listen to shitty pop via youtube | listen to shitty pop via nightmares beamed into your mind from things beyond existence
<RocketDude> Granted, YouTube is probably a better medium than the latter
<Nitya> You'd be surprised!  The reception is usually pretty great.
<JuanC> RocketDude: you clearly haven't use Things Beyond Existence's services. I tell you, man, they're about be as big as YT is
<Nitya> Only once the stars are right again. Then we will dance through the ruined halls of Tsochari to the mad theremin of Commisar Schilling, as has our ancestors on Xoth once did
<IllFlower> I hate the advertisements, though. They really went downhill when they started reading your mind to sell you things.


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<SpruceZeus> Something about the juxtaposition of those two elements
<SpruceZeus> the train simulator, and the dub step
<SpruceZeus> it's just inherently amusing somehow