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<Barcode> for a second I thought ThatDrunkWoman was Fiora
<Buttercupistiny> Oh god, Doodlebug, what are you doing in channel
<RocketDude> I think it might be Aon
<RocketDude> But that raises too many questions
<ThatDrunkWoman> I am existing
<ponicalica> it actually is Aondeug
<ThatDrunkWoman> hush
<Nitya> A Tribute to That Dead Person, Through Crossdressing
<ponicalica> except Nitya is probably too big for Aondeug's skirts
<Nitya> I'll slim down. anything for art
<ponicalica> she's like a foot shorter than you
<Nitya> I could crouch!
<Nitya> or I could make like
<Nitya> I could get Barcode to wear them, he's probably short
<RocketDude> I can't imagine a scenario where Barcode will have to go into drag
<Nitya> in the event aondeug dies, we will celebrate her death by dressing you up in her skirts and taking photos of you with her plushies, barcode.