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<Alicia> Touché.
<Picea> Truthché, Alicia.
<ponicalica> @topic dropping truthbombs left and right
<HederaHelix> What do truthbombs contain, truth? Or explosives?
<ponicalica> yes


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<Charlatan> Also, I have best username.
<HederaHelix> "UnlimitedBaconWorks"?
<Charlatan> I was hungry.


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<Tibetanfox> You know what Feepbot loves, though?
<Tibetanfox> Ponies.
<AnOtherT> feepbot: do you like ponies?
<Saigyouji> .decide Genocide|Ponies
<feepbot> Saigyouji: Genocide
<EnglishIvy> Oh shit.


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<HederaHelix> You could still just buy the game.
<Nitya> steam destroys people's minds, ivy
<Nitya> it's turning gamers into stereotypical sitcom housewives, hoarding coupons and going store to store looking for "deals"
<Nitya> but all from the same store
<HederaHelix> That is a rather unsettling concept.


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<IllFlower> "It sucks MCA died but I don't understand why people are so upset. He'll be headlining a concert with Tupac before you know it." // it hurts to laugh
<Charlatan> Hatsune Miku now guards the pearly gates.
<RocketDude> That's a frightening image.
<Charlatan> All weeaboos go to Heaven?
<HederaHelix> Miku would've needed to have been alive for that to happen, according to most interpretations
<Charlatan> uh uh uh she's the voice of the Metatron yeah that's it


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<Solstace> ponicalica: >:||||||||
<Nitya> yeah, ponicalica, greater than colon series of pipes.
<HederaHelix> Uh oh, Solstace has eight mouths! Run!
<Lin_Chong> The crawling chaos.
<RocketDude> We always knew that Solstace was an abomination under that bishie skin
<Barcode> abishonenation
<Nitya> bishbomination.
<jseblan> From His eight mouth screams the End of Man, and it spews flames of great heat. The Solstace comes and with it our doom, and great music.


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<Juan> but solstace isn't here, mackerel
<Juan> well, i guess he's in our hearts
<Juan> or in your heart
<Juan> and your penis
<Alkthash> Wait, he is *in* Jackerel's penis?
<Juan> Of course. Don't you know? Jackerel's penis is like Aladdin's lamp. It just holds bishies instead of genies
<ponicalica> rub my "lamp" amirite
<HederaHelix> Please don't ever talk about JackMackerel's penis ever again.


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<HederaHelix> I panic whenever I'm getting a B in stuff
<Puffin> you don't need to panic, I don't think
<Puffin> grades don't reflect learning, in my experience 
<Nitya> no, but they do reflect grades.


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<Wallabu> Can you possibly point me in the direction of a stats book that doesn't use fucking lobotomized hamsters in every example problem
<Wallabu> God, I hated that book.
<Barcode[PATV]> lobotomized...hamsters
<HederaHelix> Seriously, lobotomized hamsters?
<Nitya> one of my calc books had an exercise about yams in pretty much every section
<blamspam> Yams aren't enough to get a person through calculus.
<HederaHelix> Yams are more socially acceptable a topic than lobotomized hamsters, though...
<HederaHelix> The only way it could be topped is if the examples were of lobotomized hamsters eating yams.
<ColorPrinter> In an economic textbook
<ColorPrinter> The economic impact of lobotomized hamsters eating yams


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<Miijhal> "One noticeable use of her shapeshifting ability is her hair, which turns into hands that hold up her breasts and cover her nipples. Her primary offense is squirting acid from her breasts, as well as wielding a sword created from her hair."
<Miijhal> This is the weirdest fucking wikipedia page
<HederaHelix> Please tell me you're reading the one on the history of the far future.
<Miijhal> no.
<Miijhal> though that would probably be a better read
<RocketDude> In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only strange fanservice.