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<Nitya> some dude in his garage in minnesota writing a book on how to arm your car with lasers
<Barcode> fast and the furious, but insteadof street racing they'r trying to burn holes through each other's cars
<RocketDude> [Rap music playing, lasers intensify]


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<Nitya> look, man. i'm not an alternate universe hitler who writes about cars. cars aren't my thing! go ask hitler if you want that kind of detail


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<Tibetanfox> I mean, my car is old enough that if it were a girl I could legally and consensually fuck her.
<Tibetanfox> Goddamn. That is the worst analogy I have made in this channel.
<Tibetanfox> Ever.


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<GMH> #yackfest i am disappoint
<Juan> Turns out that people recognize cars easier than flying lolls
<RocketDude> Dude, I coulda told you that people will recognize a Ford Mustang more reliably than a Touhou