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<IllFlower> When you use "speedrun" like that I can't help but think it's a drug term.
<IllFlower> "Yeah, I totally speedran two lines of cocaine. Messed me *up*, man."
<ponicalica> You must have mistaken AGDQ for something hellish.
<IllFlower> Considering the number of glitches I saw, it did feel like I was high at points.


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<Alicia> Charlie has issues, okay. The only cures are Byakuren, violence, and drugs.
<Alicia> So he's basically a typical yackfester.


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<Jack> i'm on linux now, so, hacking is easy
<Jack> linux is like a badly-thought-out drug in an eighties movie in that way


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<Barcode> Finally! Success in video games, once more!
<Nitya> How many points?
<Barcode> On the contrary, my team and I bested another team in the ring of honour.
<RocketDude> But what did you do with the fight money?
<AliceTensei> Cocaine and prostitutes, clearly.
<Barcode> the stereotypical answer owuld have been: battlemechs
<jseblan> Cocaine and mechs with boobs and STDs, then
<RocketDude> At least he didn't buy two of every animal on earth.
<AliceTensei> That is a horrifying mental image.
<RocketDude> Or two of every boat on earth
<AliceTensei> Two of every mech.
<RocketDude> And then he herded them onto a dropship, and then he beat the crap out of every single one
<AliceTensei> With a feather duster?
<RocketDude> ...Ten pints of Stella and a dollop of chlamydia.
<AliceTensei> Anyone who drinks Stella should be shot on sight. With an anti-tank rifle.
<jseblan> we managed to mix together in one conversation Battletech, Team Fortress 2, alcohol, STDs, prostitution and drugs. I am crying right now.


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<JBridge> God damn.
<Tibetanfox> THE FUCK IS THAT?
<JBridge> That is a video that is 478 hours long.
<JBridge> I dare you to watch the whole video in one sitting.
<poniboy> Is that even possible?
<Tibetanfox> poniboy: With enough meth, anything is possible.
<Tibetanfox> But mainly a heart attack.


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<JBridge> And yeah, like I said. I lost a lot of blood a few days ago.
<Charlatan> Ouch.
<JBridge> Yeah.
<JBridge> Some crazy person jammed a needle into me.
<JBridge> I lost about a pint, I think.
<JBridge> Hey, at least I got juice and Cheez-Its out of it.


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<Puffin> My mom did a lot of it in college and really enjoyed it
<Puffin> by it, I mean ethnomusicology, and also weed


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<Motoko> It's the hidden downside of being a magical girl. After staying up all night fighting evil, you have to rely on... um, *other* kinds of fairy dust just to stay awake during the day.