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<Nitya> video game joke, libertarian joke, music joke, electronics joke, music joke
<GMH> Why did Mario cross the road?  To get to the Princess!  Why was the Princess on the other side of the road?  Because her job was over there!  Why was her job over there?  Because she gets so few gigs as an oboist!  Why does she get so few gigs as a oboist?  Because her case didn't contain a bigger hard drive!  Why didn't her case contain a bigger hard drive?  Because her instrument's repertoire is so small!


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<Nitya> .decide listen to shitty pop via youtube | listen to shitty pop via nightmares beamed into your mind from things beyond existence
<RocketDude> Granted, YouTube is probably a better medium than the latter
<Nitya> You'd be surprised!  The reception is usually pretty great.
<JuanC> RocketDude: you clearly haven't use Things Beyond Existence's services. I tell you, man, they're about be as big as YT is
<Nitya> Only once the stars are right again. Then we will dance through the ruined halls of Tsochari to the mad theremin of Commisar Schilling, as has our ancestors on Xoth once did
<IllFlower> I hate the advertisements, though. They really went downhill when they started reading your mind to sell you things.


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<Excuses> I think that music was invented so that people who had the capability to become musicians wouldn't do something dangerous like take over Germany.


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<CharlaBorg> What would happen if you stuffed Deadmau5 and Skrillex into a blender?
<Barcodrawing> Deadmau5 and Skrillex: "So We Heard You Hated Music" Tour


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<Tzetzuo> @w music in nazi germany
<Omnipresence> Tzetzuo: Wikipedia (full-text): Propaganda: Propaganda is a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position so ... —
<Tzetzuo> That answers that.


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<zeroplusalpha> I mean, I have more than a passing interest in music, but some of these tefal-headed analyses on twelfth century numes and such-like...well, it's a bit too Giles for me, I'm afraid.
<zeroplusalpha> Ha. Sorry. Jargon. Tefal-headed: Scot slang for "hardcore". Derived from Tefal, the hard coating on nonstick pans.
<zeroplusalpha> Numes: notation for monastic chant, which nobody really knows how to read outside of a few individual with skin the texture of withered paper.
<zeroplusalpha> Giles: Librarian from Buffy. Knows how to read ancient texts".
<zeroplusalpha> Afraid: what I am of people with enough time to decipher long dead music.


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<glowsquid_will_ruin_your_life> it is a well know fact that amateur Dragonforce sounds like Crazybus with downs syndrome.


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<Spacethash> So wait, in that game would Skrillex be a Paradigm member that is attempting to subvert Iroquois magic and hobo rituals and who must be shot on sight?