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<FreshMagusHarvey> what's the term for what happens when you build more roads then people drive more and it's still just as congested?
<AliceTensei> America. :P


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<AliceTensei> "I sort of forget that Lightning has pink hair and how or when my brain began to process that as a legit color in an otherwise normal design. " The curse of video games: Thinking colours like green are perfectly normal for hair.
<ponicalica> Dude, my sister had green hair for a while.
<ponicalica> (Of course, she dyed it, but...)
<AliceTensei> But not naturally, one would hope. :|
<ponicalica> No, of course not naturally.
<IllFlower> hahahaha, it is now fact that ponicalica lives in some kind of anime family


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<AliceTensei> Oddly, this torrent also has the OSTs.
<Barcode> Orbital Shock Troopers.
<AliceTensei> Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaka.
<AliceTensei> ...Actually, Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakode.
<Barcode> That just sounds like your british accent shining through!
<RocketDude> Or some drawn-out Boston pronunciation
<RocketDude> Pahk the Bahkode at Hahvahd Yahd


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<Kaliayev> if they had done, Alice, enraged bioware fans would've overrun the entire site. I am reliably informed that DA2 is worse than a thousand Hitlers
<AliceTensei> I wonder if there's a word for 1000 Hitlers. A Hitlernium.
<Miijhal> It's actually only worse than 10 Hitlers, though.
<Miijhal> A decahitler
<Kaliayev> a demi-Hitler plus a giga-Himmler
<Generality> What's the ratio of Hitlers to Himmlers?
<AliceTensei> Is there a tera-Goebbels?
<Miijhal> -search decahitler-
<Miijhal> "Did you mean /PicoHitler/?"
<Kaliayev> there is a tera-Heydrich, I believe
<Kaliayev> and a yotta-Bormann
<Generality> You guys need to settle on a unit.


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<Barcode> Finally! Success in video games, once more!
<Nitya> How many points?
<Barcode> On the contrary, my team and I bested another team in the ring of honour.
<RocketDude> But what did you do with the fight money?
<AliceTensei> Cocaine and prostitutes, clearly.
<Barcode> the stereotypical answer owuld have been: battlemechs
<jseblan> Cocaine and mechs with boobs and STDs, then
<RocketDude> At least he didn't buy two of every animal on earth.
<AliceTensei> That is a horrifying mental image.
<RocketDude> Or two of every boat on earth
<AliceTensei> Two of every mech.
<RocketDude> And then he herded them onto a dropship, and then he beat the crap out of every single one
<AliceTensei> With a feather duster?
<RocketDude> ...Ten pints of Stella and a dollop of chlamydia.
<AliceTensei> Anyone who drinks Stella should be shot on sight. With an anti-tank rifle.
<jseblan> we managed to mix together in one conversation Battletech, Team Fortress 2, alcohol, STDs, prostitution and drugs. I am crying right now.


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<AliceTensei> Bipartisanship. A boat with two spears stuck to the front.


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<AliceTensei> Oh Fox, never change.
<Nitya> Obama flip flops comfy, surprisingly affordable


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<AliceTensei> Yukari is weird anyway. I mean, this is the woman who decided the best position for a girl depressed to the point of suicide was princess of the underworld.


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<onyhow> russian roulette
<onyhow> you can only play once
<onyhow> except on computer
<BGTB2005> Maybe we should just cut out the middle man...
* BGTB2005 shoots onyhow
<onyhow> IM NOT DEAD
* onyhow shoots BGTB2005 
* onyhow dies
<BGTB2005> ack, lungs, I need both
* BGTB2005 dies


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<Solstace> I still don't get why those hardcore Christians have such a hardtime accepting Muslims.
<AliceTensei> And this is why the terrorists won!
<RocketDude> Terrorists Win! /Counter-Strike