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<Arha> I like my women like I like my coffee
<Noimporta> You have an unusual taste in coffee.


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<Arha> I think most of us would agree that I'm more of an evil overlord than you
<JBridge> Really?
<JBridge> Try this.
<JBridge> Type .rr six times.
<JBridge> If you live, you're eviler than me.
<Arha> Evil overlords do not follow commands
<Arha> .rr
<feepbot> Arha: Click. 
<Arha> hm
<Arha> .rr
<feepbot> Arha: Click. 
<Arha> hmmm
<Arha> doesn't seem to be working
<JBridge> Four more times.
<Arha> .rr
<Arha> .rr
<Arha> .rr
<Arha> .rr
<Solstace> lol arha.
<JBridge> What'd he do?
<Jack> Win.
<Jack> Since he's the evilest.
<JBridge> Fine.
<JBridge> .rr
<feepbot> JBridge: Boom! You're dead. 
<feepbot> JBridge: The gun has been reloaded. 
<JBridge> GOD
<JBridge> DAMMIT
* Jack claps
<Arha> Ahem.
<Arha> Thank you, thank you
<JBridge> ...I have nothing to say to you.
<Arha> Of course. You're not to speak until spoken to, slave


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<Arha> @topic GuitarBizarre's dick is not to be trusted. It is attached to GuitarBizarre
<Omnipresence> Arha: Topic messages may not exceed 64 characters in length.
<GuitarBizarre> Thats right bitches.
<GuitarBizarre> My dick is too long.
<Arha> @topic GuitarBizarre's dick is too long to be functional.
*** Omnipresence has changed the topic to: Read me first: | GuitarBizarre's dick is too long to be functional. (Arha) | GuitarBizarre is a shark. Avoid ski-jumping. (TParadox) |


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<Dolphinpeter> dolphins, the gay rapist of the seas
<Pravd> Well something in nature had to fill that niche.
<Arha> Ducks are the gay rapists of the sky.
<Pravd> I guess dolphins just drew that straw.


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<Arha> Titillation: Like ventilation, only with tits


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<Arha> this torrent has said it's a day away from completion for a good three days now
<Arha> I'm beginning to suspect that maybe the ETA is not entirely accurate
<IllFlower> Arha: No, your torrent's just travelling at relativistic speeds. For the information in the torrent, it's a day. For poor old you, it's 365,284,285,192,746 years.


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<Arha> Angry GuitarBizarre is happy GuitarBizarre


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<Nakiami> Why would anyone want to download yugioh games?
<Arha> Nakiami: To atone for terrible sins


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<Arha-away> When IJBM went down, a little piece of me died inside
<Arha-away> fortunately, I think it was a tumor
<Arha-away> So, yeah


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<Gon> >:|
<Arha> My face doesn't have a brain
<Arha> That's not a great accomplishment
<Arha> I removed it and put it in my penis instead
<Arha> two heads are better than one