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<JBridge> So, my parents are on this really strict diet.
<JBridge> The only kind of bread they can eat is that untasty kind.
<JBridge> Not wheat, but some grain.
<Barcodecoterrorist> Pseudowholegrain?
<JBridge> I think I remember they were talking about Control, Commitment, Concentration, and a bunch of other stuff.
<Barcodecoterrorist> how about Don't Drink Soda, Don't Eat Dessert, Don't Eat Too Much, And Exercise
<JBridge> I think it was the Seven Cs of Rye.
<Barcodecoterrorist> seven.
<JBridge> Yes, that was all for the pun.
<Barcodecoterrorist> too much effort
<JBridge> Maybe.
<Barcodecoterrorist> well let's hear all the seas, then.
<Omnipresence> URL: [] YouTube - ‪The Seven Seas Of Rhye by Queen with lyrics‬‏
<Barcodecoterrorist> wait
<Barcodecoterrorist> ERROR: Too much meta. (2097)