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<Barcode> «In a mission kept secret until after delivery, the pieces [(some stone artifacts)] were collected by the British Museum and brought back to Afghanistan by UK forces in July.» in marginally lighter news
<Saladofstones> I can imagine a call of duty mission based on
<Barcode> hold x to explain
<Saladofstones> Oh god
<Saladofstones> a quickk time event to explain the significance
<Saladofstones> if you fail the artifact just explodes, killing everyone
<Barcode> What if the screen just went blurry, with "Factual inaccuracy will not be tolerated!"?


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<ChancellorCosman> Ah! Serial Experiments Legend of Galactic Lucky Haruhi Azumanga Strawberry Rozen Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Imperial Fiora Pichi Pichi PitchmonHOLIC River Chronicles: Keikaku no Nekohime Gundam Complex Bebop Gurren Lagann Sailor BrotherhoodZ Nichijou R2.22 You Can (Not) Advance!!
<Alkthash> I see words. And I understand what they mean. But I have no idea what you folks are saying.
<ALI-18000> We're making the best anime ever, Alkthash.
<Alkthash> You're making people find incentives to find murderin' axes. 
<Alkthash> Have I fallen into an alternate universe where slang is just subtly off?
<Alkthash> LIke anybody else get that feeling of anti-deja vu?
<Alkthash> Where you wake up and everything feels subtly wrong and out of place during the day.
<Alkthash> And you keep thinking "was it always like that"
<Alkthash> And get the feeling you have stumbled into one of those shitty sci-fi alternate universes, where things are different?
<Alkthash> Like that is my feeling here folk.s
<Alkthash> You're making me wonder if I'm still on my earth.
<Alkthash> Nice normal earth 387
<Alkthash> Not that shithole that is earth 616.


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<Alkthash> Although it's times like this that I had like 20 dildos. So when the insurance adjustment spook comes in to check my apartment he just sees a cock Christmas tree, so bold it would make the most brazen drag queen blush. And he would be left wondering what sort of folks live there and go home and stare at the wall and think of dildos.


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<Alkthash> Onii-chan is not a synonym for friend though Nova. It is moonspeak for "Hello sibling, shall we commence with the incestual pandering?"


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<saladofstones> night alkthasgfvas
<saladofstones> gfagfa
<saladofstones> night
*** Alkthash has quit IRC
<saladofstones> fucking keyboard


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<Alkthash> Stupid return key.
<Alkthash> Its trying to betray me.
<Alkthash> It's like Judas and MacBeth had a baby and had the baby trained by ninjas and Max Lord.


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<Alkthash> The girl at the checkout was bagging the lady in front of me 's groceries and she asked "What the heck do you need with 14 cans of whipped cream?"
<Alkthash> Automatically I answered "Supplies for an orgy."
<Alkthash> The lady in front of me had her face turn bright red.
<Cogito> That means it was true.
<VicariousShaner> Did she slap you?
<Alkthash> No.
<VicariousShaner> did she at least invite you?


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<Alkthash> Nothing livens up a conversation like seguing into how Pandas have tiny penises and are terrible lovers


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<Alkthash> football is like a shonen anime. It has tones of filler and rarely goes anywhere.
<Alkthash> And everybody starts to blur together eventually.
<Alkthash> And the fans go apeshit over it.


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<Alkthash> It's after midnight and I'm talking about a dead anime love interest haunting me to make boner jokes.
<Alkthash> What the fuck brain.
<saladofstones> you one upped me, I'm reading about the Japanese KKK and eating dry cereal at 10:43
<Miijhal> I spent most of a day reading about sloth sex